Four things you should know about the SEO Link Building

Four things you should know about the SEO Link Building

SEO Link Building Bloggers and marketers always do SEO and link building efficiently, but the fact is many bloggers don’t know how to do the link building effectively.

They just try to link to all the sites they don’t consider which one is good and which one is perfect for their blog and they later fall into the traps of SEO.

They will simply penalize their due to the spammy links towards their site or due to the spam links they have used to rank well in search results.

SEO Link Building

In this post panda world, the world of link building is a different ball game, unlike seo the link building ball game is different you should be very patience to get the desired result from the link building tactics.

As, the content marketing is one of the rising technique used by many bloggers, search engine optimization has been the most controversial topic in this content marketing technique today.

Right from the Crafty Meta descriptions of blogs to the artful description of the YouTube to locally optimize the Meta description and title tags and so on…..

I think you might get a clear short up on the search engine optimization. Each and every blogger and marketer will have their ways to rank well in Google, and they use their link building methods some might use the white hat method, and some might use the black hat methods.

But the fact many bloggers are doing the link building in the wrong, as the bloggers and marketers got to know that keyword stuffing and another type of black hat seo is not at working they are just going to the link building.

Link building is a 100% working principal of search engine ranking, but they must know few facts which might lead them down instead of ranking. So here I am going to say what you need to know about the link building and seo.

Things you need to know

Here I am going to mention 4 points which are very useful, and I think you will mostly stay amazed with these four points, and you might believe that this is not good, but these are facts these four things you should know to stay upgraded in link building.

Guest Posting — It can be good, or it can be dreadful, and it can pull you down

Each and every blogger will do guest posting to make their name on the other sites; guest posting is one of the traditional ways in link building you can easily get your name on the other blogs, and you can get that site audience back to your site.

You will write an impressive piece of content, and you would love to submit it to the other blogs. You will also link back to your blog either in the content you write or you will just ask for a link in your biographical profile for the other websites where you are providing article.

Now, I won’t tell guest posting is wrong in this case, but the only problem is where you post that post is questionable, and it might be your problem: let me say the difference between the valuable real guest posting and bad guest posting.

Good guest posting

Doing guest posting and acquiring link is always vital regarding seo, but you should contribute your excellent post to the high-quality websites which is relevant to the niche of the high-quality blog and always do remember to post the original and well-crafted post.

This process of guest posting is useful and in case if you get the link back means you can quickly achieve high authority in Google because the authority blog is linking to you.


Bad Guest posting

Now the bad guest posting writing to the spam blog or low profile blogs which can’t give you any importance to your links.

You should write for any online accepting publications and you shouldn’t send the multiple guest posts for the same blog in the gap of weak variations is a dangerous guest posting technique.

Sometimes you even write about the different topic and just release that you’re the brand of affiliate link which is not a good match or relevant so you should avoid that as well.

Guest Posting

Remember: It’s, not a good practice to always allow the low-quality guest posts on your site or either you shouldn’t post on low-quality sites.

Here is the right way to do guest posting:

  • Identify high-quality sites for guest posting in your niche.
  • Target the industry leading blogs for your guest post and don’t let them say no to your blog post.
  • Reach them in a pleasant way with some special topic.
  • Produce a well-crafted article which can amaze people when they read.
  • DO everything you can by sharing it in numerous ways.
  • Respond to the comments and feedback for your post and attract visitors towards your site with your cogent comment.

This is the best way to do guest posting.

Let’s move to the other fact.


  1. Social media is always a perfect way to spread your word

Social media is always a perfect way to spread the word you want to say. Word of mouth is a proven and powerful tactic which is even used by most of the bloggers and pro bloggers.

But it doesn’t work when you directly chat up starting with the new side business ideas and products. Instead, you can share your latest blog post or infographics on facebook or twitter or other social media. You can encourage your friends and followers to pass the flow.

This factor will not only increase your value but it also helps to improve your brand reputation. You can even get lots of traffic to your post worldwide. This fact will work effectively it can be a tricky business to start but if you do you are going to love the results.

Link Building

  1. Don’t ever pay for the Links

It is always a dangerous act, don’t ever do it. The links which are produced by that kind of bots are always taken as the spam links on the Google. Search engines will always find them as spam links. And Google will punish your site because of not following the Google webmaster guidelines.

Many pro bloggers and bloggers always say buying links are harmful. The link building is always changing and taking the new face of evolution. At this time buying links can simply make you worst.

Its best ways to link building is:

Create great content that can amaze people and they would link to your site.

Share a great piece of content that explains everything and show your authority.

Provide an expert level information that solves problems of the people and they are likely to link back to you.

DO effective guest posting to acquire links.

Do comment on does follow blogs but make a comment as a clear comment which speaks about their article.

Capture your leads with the email subscription, and then you can slowly capture their attention towards buying your product.


  1. You can always use Q&A sites to get traffic

People has changed their views drastically when they see the Q&A sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc.

Previously they used to post a comment on the blog. They used to wait for the replay and sometimes they often share their links on the comments section. Due to that the other blogger didn’t accept comments and through away it as spam.

This is what happened but when the Q&A sites are available you can easily build your authority by answering your questions and providing a relevant link in your answers, and it has been one of the best ways to bring a lot of visitors.

You can hover over to the sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Metafilter and more to look for the questions. When you are helping any stranger to get a perfect answer in your industry related topic. You can take advantage by providing a link to your article.

It can be helpful.



These are four things you should know about the seo and link building. Hope you all liked this article, if you have any comments, you can mention them in the comments section below.


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