Ford Ranger is getting 3 off-road performance accessory packages

Ford Ranger is getting 3 off-road performance accessory packages

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You can’t buy a Ranger Raptor, but you can give your new truck some of that flavor without fueling your warranty.


After about a year of watching and waiting and thinking and saving, you decided to order a brand new Ford Ranger. Only in standard form does it look a bit boring for your taste. How are you?

If you are like the average ranger Buyer, you pay an average of $ 650 for Ford factory accessories (according to Ford anyway) to make your medium-sized blank canvas a little more your own. OK, but what if you don’t want to rummage through the accessories catalog for long? Don’t worry, friend, because the Blue Oval offers you three new service packages, which were announced on Tuesday and are designed to make your ranger a little cooler and a little better off-road.

“Our goal is to inspire customers by providing them with features and styling options from the aftermarket brands they love,” said Eric Cin, Global Director of Ford Vehicle Personalization, in a statement. “The three new Ford Performance Packs empower our adventure lovers ranger Customers can explore even further and with more freedom with the additional off-road capability directly from the dealer. “

What exactly is included in these three packages? Well, the first thing you need to know is that they are tiered – which means that when you buy Package Three, you also get everything in Package One and Two.

Package 1 returns you $ 2,495 plus installation costs and consists of:

  • Off-road leveling kit
  • Fox Tuned by Ford Performance shock absorbers
  • 17-inch Dyno Gray wheels
  • Ford Performance graphics kit for bed and windshield

Package two costs $ 4,495, includes the contents of package one, and adds:

  • Ford Performance Motor tune that delivers 315 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of power
  • BFGoodrich KO2 265 / 70R15 tires
  • Rigid off-road fog lamp kit
  • Blue tow hooks
  • Ford performance license plate frame made of stainless steel

Package three costs $ 8,995 and brings even more to the party.

  • 40-inch lightbar kit
  • Red tow hooks
  • Ford Performance from ARB winchable front bumper (winch not included)
  • Ford Performance Chase Rack
  • Ford Performance sports exhaust

None of these packages is exactly what would be classified as a “sucker change”. However, the advantage of them (although the financial meaning of it is controversial) is that you can incorporate them into the loan of your vehicle and allocate the costs. In addition, they are less likely to give you warranty issues later because they are from Ford’s in-house Speedshop.

The downside is that you can probably get this stuff from the aftermarket much cheaper, but then you either have to install everything yourself or find a shop to do it, and you run the risk of voiding your warranty coverage of brand new trucks; Caveat emptor and all that.

These Ford Performance accessory packs should be ordered from your Ford dealer or the Ford Performance website in the summer of 2021.

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