Ford F-150 over a cold beer: Truck owners would sacrifice a lot to keep their pickup

Ford F-150 over a cold beer: Truck owners would sacrifice a lot to keep their pickup

“Steer clear of my truck,” said pickup owner.

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Pickup owners will give up a lot before handing over the keys to their vehicle. This comes from a nifty poll Ford commissioned before 2021 debut of the F-150.

Ford and PSB, a global analytics consultancy, surveyed 2,000 pickup owners to see how deep America’s love affair with pickups runs. Long story short, it is going Really deep. The owners said they would drop off alcohol, coffee, and their phone in front of their truck.

The survey looked at different age groups, with the largest group (18%) being 18-34 year olds. Of the respondents, 38% had a Ford F-150, while the others had a competitive brand like Chevrolet, Ram or Toyota. The division between men and women was also quite small: the group consisted of 54% men and 46% women.

A whopping 82% said they would give up a music streaming service in front of their truck. This is easy because there are other digital music media today. Or, you know, CDs can still be one thing. But it gets pretty interesting when Ford asked what else truck customers would give up.

Of the respondents, 79% said they would avoid alcohol in front of their truck, while 71% said they would avoid coffee when it really mattered. Almost the majority said 47% said they would drop their cell phones, and 44% said they would become vegetarian instead of swapping their trucks for another vehicle.

38% rounded off the questions and said they would stop having sex. 15% of the group said they had a tattoo of their trusted workhorse. Obviously, truck owners are some devoted people.

Perhaps most importantly, owners see their pickups as tools to help others. Almost the entire poll population (94%) said they helped others with their truck, and 34% use their weekly pickup to provide help.

While the poll provides a snapshot of today’s American love affair, Ford has also thrown things into the future. When asked about an electric vehicle, 40% said they were enthusiastic about a battery-powered pickup. Almost the same proportion (38%) indicated that they would switch to an electric pickup if they were certain that it would not compromise compared to a conventional truck.

That’s a healthy number since Ford plans to get into the electric pickup game with one in the near future electric F-150. We should see a battery-powered F-150 country in the United States over the next two years.

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