Do follow blog commenting sites list

Do follow blog commenting sites list for Ultimate SEO Results

Blog commenting Most of the bloggers and marketers always strive to find the blogs which are having do follow system for their comments.

But mostly, they will not find the best and desired dofollow blogs to keep their comment on the blog.

The fact is most of the blogger’s intentions are pretty clear that they just want to make a comment on the dofollow blogs to get a backlink for their blogs simply. But there was not thoughtful intention to share their thoughts and suggestion in comments.

Although this is a bad practice in present day Google algorithm, bloggers have opted blog commenting as the smarter way to build links and they are only focusing on the do follow blog commenting sites to gain backlinks.

Previously, this practice used to work well, but as the technology is increasing day by day Google has also evolved its algorithm to the smarter version, Google is continuously becoming smarter, and as a result, it is changing its algorithms frequently.

By seeing this, some bloggers has slowed their process of spamming and blog commenting because the webmasters have fallen into a dilemma whether to do blog commenting or not?

The question hovering around their minds was whether blog commenting is good for search engines or not?

If you are the one who is having this query then don’t worry, blog commenting still matters and it is working correctly, but all you have to do is be brave enough to do it.

No matter what the circumstances are blog commenting still matters and it has its importance, now a day’s websites which are having the most numbers of quality links are ranking well in search queries.

Even the websites which are having a good amount of social shares and Google “+1” have good ranking in search engines.

If you are a new blogger then it might be a daunting task for you so let me explain about the dofollow blog commenting sites and what is blog commenting etc.

 What is blog commenting?

Blog commenting is the seo tactic which is mostly used by all the seo companies and seo geeks as well. Usually, bloggers just do blog commenting to build some permanent backlinks.

They just do it by simply hovering over to the blog post, and at the bottom of the post. They will place their comment in the comment section of the blog where they use their Name, Email Id, and website.

You can find many blogs with different types of comment sections, some bloggers keep Discus commenting system, some keep the Facebook commenting system, and some keep standard WordPress commenting system, and few use the contact form, etc.

Here not all blogs have the capability to give a backlink to your site, and here you will find two types of links one is “do follow” blogs and other one is “no follow” blogs.

In this, all you have to concentrate on the do follow blogs if you don’t know the difference between dofollow and no follow blogs then here is a clear explanation.

Dofollow blogs:

Dofollow blog comments mean that site will have the do follow attribute and that attribute will help you to gain backlinks which help you to improve your blog rank and also it provides some traffic to your blog as well. These dofollow blogs are helpful in sharing their links on your blog to increase your blog page rank.

Nofollow blogs:

Nofollow blogs are the blogs which will have a nofollow attribute, which says the Google and others search engines that do not pass my page rank and authority to the others sites. It that case it only won’t give any link juice to your site, so you can’t take advantage of the nofollow link, and it won’t impact on seo rankings.

Sometimes authoritative nofollow links can also help you in ranking well in Google and other search engines, but it will have the little effect.

By the above explanation, you might know that dofollow blogs are the best one to get permanent backlinks to your sites and also to improve your sites.

This is the reason why always people do search for the dofollow blogs, but in this vast web, you find all the links which are outdated and it is very rare to find the safe and quality list.

So, if you strive to find out the best do follow blog commenting sites then you don’t have to search for each and every blog, all you have to do is have a glance at our list of dofollow blog commenting sites.

This list is one of the best dofollow blogs commenting sites which is used by the pro bloggers and seo companies as well.

We have done an enough research to bring this compelling list for our audience, but before going to dofollow blog list,

You have to take care of few points,

Here are few important points you should consider:

  • Always comment on the great authoritative blogs.
  • Use a friendly ton in your comments and suggestions on other blogs.
  • Don’t ever comment as the anonymous or with the fake name because if you do as anonymous most of the blogs will not accept your comment.
  • Don’t add links to your comment for promoting because other blog owners don’t like sharing your links on their blogs, so they will not accept your comment.
  • If you use your picture, then you can build some trust, and also you can expect a perfect reply from the editor of the blog.
  • Never comment directly by scrolling down to comment section without reading the post.
  • Never comment on unrelated topics.
  • Write a meaningful comment on posts, don’t do any negative commenting.

These are few must follow tips before doing blog commenting, now let’s go to the eagerly waiting list of dofollow blog sites.

Working Comment Luv Enable Dofollow blogs:

The blogs in this list are tested, and they are working blogs, which is having the comment Luv enable on their sites. Here is the list of the dofollow blogs

The blogs in this list are tested, and they are working blogs, which is having the comment Luv enable on their sites. Here is the list of the dofollow blogs

These are best dofollow blogs which we found in our research and by these sites you can quickly grab a backlink for your blog. But make sure you follow all the tips of blog commenting which I have mentioned in this post.

This list contains all the working dofollow blogs. But if you find any nonworking dofollow blog commenting sites on this list then you can simply report us in the comment section. I’ll make sure I will replace them with the working dofollow blog link.

I’ll update this post twice a month. And if I feel like I should add any significant authority link in this list. Then I’ll simply add it to this list. So if you want to take advantage of the dofollow blog list and stay updated then you should keep visiting this post.



This is all about the dofollow blog commenting sites. And this list is an extensive list which is having all the working link to the blog commenting sites. I hope you all like this post if have any suggestion and comments then you can comment us below in the comments section.


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