Five Things You Didn’t Knew your DSLR Could Do

Five Things You Didn’t Knew your DSLR Could Do

Five Things You Didn’t Knew your DSLR Could Do

We will agree that nobodies know your DSLR better than you but then we will also reveal it to you that there’s more your DSLR can do for you. Sounds conflicting? Let us, use this opportunity and introduce you to five amazing things your DSLR can do:

Zap Dust with an in-built software:

Yes, it is true. Your DSLR can take its care. You need to use the suction pump and suck out all the dust from it. You can also depend on your DSLR camera and see it cleaning itself. The sensors of the DSLR will shake and zap all the dust from the lens and other important parts out. This is really going to help you save a lot of time and money. You can always thank us later.

Combine Mirror lock and Self-timer for long exposure shots:

New to photography? Yet to master the techniques of creating long exposure shots? Here’s a shortcut for you. Lock the mirror using the manual lock provided and then uses the self-timer at the same time. This way your shutter will open for a fixed time and the locked mirror will allow enough light in to create a long exposure shot. Isn’t it great?

Improve your optics with lens correction:

Every photographer, whether professional or amateur understands that there is nothing called as Perfect Lens. A lens can cost fortune but it will also produce distortion and disturbances in the image. But a well-educated photographer will use the RAW options for managing the distortions in an effective way. Check out the Lens Correction in-built function and your problem will solve it on its own.

Depend on Voice Memos for Taking Notes:

Bored of carrying an extra notebook to the site? Here is an option for you and we bet you are not going to believe it. Yes! You can use your DSLR as a notebook or rather as a Voicebook. Record all the important EXIF in the voice memo and pen it down when you are back at home.

P.S: this setting may be available in some and may not be there in some cameras. Most of the modern day DSLRs have this one option and people love it.

Click test photos without inserting a Memory Card:

Yes, one can take amazing photos without actually inserting a memory card into his or her DSLR. Though these photos are not going to stay in the camera for long but one can always use this feature to check the functionality of the camera while buying or selling it. This one feature has helped people impress the world when in hurry. You can give a quick demo of your camera while travelling and find a buyer for it, isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is.

Photographers love their DSLRs like the way a mother loves her newborn kids. They are going to take it utmost care and protect it from all the innocuous and lethal elements. These five tricks are going to be of great use when in a hurry.

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