Five Must have Plugins for WordPress Website

Five Must have Plugins for WordPress Website

Want to be successful as a blogger or as Internet marketer then make a note “east or west, wordpress is the best”. You cannot conquer the world of Internet without publishing high quality content on your site and reaching out to the potential customers.

Content in any form, is the real king of Internet Marketing. Be it video, image or a well written article. High quality content is always going to enamor the potential customers and bring them on your site incessantly.

While the content on your site may look great, it is going to take a lot of efforts from your side in uploading and optimizing them. You will have to work intricately on the keywords and also on the various aspects of on site and off site SEO’s. Here is a list of five popular WordPress plugins that will allow you to upload and manage content with great ease and grace:

Yoast SEO: Why are you uploading content? For the readers to find it and help your business grow. You simply cannot do the same without optimizing your content according to the norms of search engine. Yoast SEO allows you to manage things with great ease and grace. You can always see where you are lacking and make the required changes. This one plugin is going to manage all your SEO needs.

Smush it:Images have got to play an important role in content development and marketing. Smush it allows you to compress the size of these images without destroying the quality. This plugin is available for free and can be used with great ease and grace.

Author Bio:want to establish your career as a blogger? Always add your author bio to the articles you write. Go ahead and install this one specific plugin and add details you want to share about yourself. People will find it and come back to you for your services.

WP-Email: This one plugin is going to go to every inbox and drop your message. Use it effectively because your email list is going to stay with you even when your site is not there. WP-Email

Akismet Plugin:Now that you have a reputed blog, a lot of people/spammers will try to use it for their advantage. You will have to shoo them off. Akismet is one plugin that filters all genuine comments from the spam ones. A Webmaster can use this plugin smartly for handling crooks.

A lot of people are stuck with things; Internet is difficult hence we have these amazing plugins. One can use these plugins and change the way Internet worked for them. These plugins are going to ease the process and ensure that you are served with a quality experience.

Most of these plugins are available for free. Start with these and once your website gets popular you can shift to the premium accounts of these plugins by making a purchase and take your experience to a different level. So, start your WordPress website/blog today and see your life change in front of your eyes.