Five best CMS other than WordPress

Five best CMS other than WordPress

Every individual working as a Webmaster value the power WordPress leverages them with. WordPress powers almost 23 percent of the Internet. WordPress is not only a CMS it has turned into a trust. Hundreds of successful Bloggers and Internet Marketers from around the prefer WordPress as a CMS over all the other Content Management Systems.

You must have heard about WordPress and I can bet that you must be using it. Though WordPress is never going to go anywhere but in case the Founders decide to shut it down, it is important for you to know the best five alternatives of WordPress.


Here is a list of top five alternatives of WordPress:



In very less amount of time this new and unique Content Management System has acquired more than 100,000 Installations. Built on Microsoft.Net framework, this CMS is already impressing critics and users. This new CMS is best suited for .NET Developers and Managers. For more details visit here



The biggest competitor or the rival of WordPress is Joomla. The community of people using Joomla is hyperactive and has developed around 7000 Extensions. Sooner or later Joomla is going to beat WordPress when it comes to users and powering Internet-based companies.The available plug-ins simplify jobs but their cost is something that has been pulling Joomla from turning into a popular CMS. Download and install Joomla from here



It is almost incomplete to hold a talk about CMSes and leave Drupal out of it. Drupal is the best CMS for people who believe in perfection. This one CMS allows users to target Search Engines better. One reason people refrain from using Drupal is the lack of extensions. Drupal is the Apple of CMS community. Drupal is quite popular across the globe. A lot of enterprises prefer Drupal to other CMS because their websites are also built on the same platform and it is always to integrate the CMS.



Very similar to WordPress but has limited functionalities. Experts find it suitable for content management and suggest not using it for Blogging purpose. The creators of SilverStripe are working hard to convert it into an international brand. The founding members are converting it into scheduled languages from around the world. Sooner or later this CMS is going to impact Local SEO and will also affect the growth of local business.



One of the simplest CMS on the block. This CMS is based on XML and has the simplest interface in the world. The simple interface yet the exquisite design is probably one reason why companies prefer using it. One of the other reasons can be the easy management on the back end. The CMS lacks a lot of features but the existing features are good enough for content management by companies. A lot of bloggers use it too for their Photography websites. Download the app from here

Content is surely the King on the Internet but it takes a good CMS for getting the content do the magic. A CMS like WordPress has helped millions of people earn their dream salary. Here is your chance to use best five CMS from around the world and start making a lot of money.

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