How to Find the Right Curved TV Set for your home and Office

How to Find the Right Curved TV Set for your home and Office

Curved TV Set: In recent years, the impact of new innovation over the televisions made a huge attraction all over the world. In the year 2014, the new innovative curved screen televisions are introduced to the consumer market. Though the concept of curved screen displays is in practices in cinema hall from old days. In recent years the curved format TV screen was introduced by few of the top TV manufacturers.

In general, there are certain points to be looked out on before purchasing a Television. Doing so it will ensure the buyers that they purchased the best asset. Which will offer then comfort while utilizing that?

Curved TV Set
Curved TV Set

What to look when it comes to buying Television?

  1. Size: Well, it will be the most priority thing that needs to seriously consider before picking the right TV. On the need to ensure that they are purchasing a right-sized TV for their home or for their commercial building. In general, the size of TV will be judged upon the distance from which it will be viewed by the viewers.
  2. Display Panel: One needs to make sure that they are purchasing the TVs with the preferred and beneficial display panel. The most common form of display panels available in the current marketplace is Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, Curved and so.

What’s the deal with Curved Screen TVs?

The curved screen TVs are the new model television which will offer the seductive look to the viewers. Unlike other model flat TVs, the curved TVs won’t be that much attractive if they fixed in the wall mount, however, in case of fixing in the console it will be the best when it comes physical look and also on delivering best motion picture.

The companies which showed high interest in introducing the curved screen television are the Korean based firms Samsung and the LG. The introduction of curved screen television came after the arrival of LCD/LED flat panels, and by overcoming the 20 years of plasma screen television and by overcoming the several decades of ever the first bubble shaped CRTs screen television.

What is Curved TV?

Well, there is nothing different when compared to the curved TV screen and the movie theatre screen except the screen size. The newly introduced curved TV screens will provide the plunge effect over the viewers.

According to the survey reports and also from the manufacturer’s suggestions, the curved screened Television offers more satisfaction than any other screen types when it comes to TV sets. The viewing angles will be great when it comes to curved screen over the flat type screen models. It is proved that the curved type screen offers the wider fields for the viewers to view the motion picture.

The most important aspect which gains a lot of positive over the curved TV instead of Flat type screened TV’s is the glare effect. Because of the curvature in nature, the screen offers the minimum amount of glaring effect when compared with all other typed screen model TVs.

The reason behind the introduction of curved screen TV

The growing technology forces us to get adapt to its culture over several tech-based accessories in recent few years, well the television sets is not an exception in that list. The arrival of OLED and 4K Ultra HD technologies gives us more when compared with previous technologies. The edge to edge picture visibility on the curved screen televisions is at best when compared with all other model television. That gives a high advantage when an entire family watches a program on TV in a group.

In addition to that feature, the curved Screen model TVs are natural gives you the 3D experiences. So by wearing no special eyeglasses, you can able to experience the special effects offered by 3D motion pictures.

Advantages of Curved Screen TVs

Immersive Picture Quality:

when it comes to arguments over the curved screen TVs and the other type TVs, the immersive picture quality comes the first point which gains a lot of plus points to the curved screen TVs. The motion pictures which are displayed in the curved screen will give you the complete peripheral vision to all the viewers irrespective of the seating arrangements.

Enhance visual perception of Depth:

Though the screening ability of the curved screen TVs is in 2D, still the motion picture displayed in the curved screen gives you the 3D effect. In addition to that, the manufacturer Samsung and LG mostly prefer to place depth enhancement in their curved TV models in order to provide the visual treat for their viewers.

Able to view Fully Stretched Motion Pictures in Curved screen:

Though the screen size would be similar to the flat screen and the curved screen TV models, the image visibility would be visible in the extra stretched manner in the curved screen, all because of the wider field view in the curved screen TVs.

Improved Contrast:

When compared with all other typed screen TVs, curved TV provides images with better contrast. This is because of the screen curvature in nature. Owing to that, the lights which are emitted from the curved screen TVs are direct reaches the eyes. The same concept was behind the satellite dishes focusing on LNB. In Literal, the contrast ratio of the curved TV screen would be about 1.5 to 1.8 times higher than the flat screen TVs.

Other Benefits:

The curved screen TVs will cover the eye surface more than the flat screen models, Viewers can able to view the screen perfectly from any places without any glaring effect. Moreover, the physical appearances of the curved screen TVs are simply cool and eye-grabbing in nature.

Apart from those points, the newly introduced curved screen TVs is the world leading the way to view the motion picture. As per the experts who have conducted a specific researcher over the eye-straining causes because of watched TVs for a prolonged time, the impact caused by the curved screen TVs are far low when compared with all other type screen TVs.

Just like those advantages, the curved screen TVs to has few peculiar disadvantages like, finding perfect sweet spot to avail more picture quality, looks awkward when it places on wall, need to place natural light control elements in the room to get clear picture, and many more  which can be fit well in case of argument on against purchasing curved TVs.

The Current Status of Curved Screen TVs in the Market

The year 2018, will be the year of curved screen TVs. Though there is not that much model released with the curved screen, it is expected that number of TVs will be released with curved screens later in this year.

In fact, there has been a talk in the marketplace that the curved screen TVs would be the next generation 3D TVs. Many might not be aware that the manufacturing of the 3D TVs has been stopped from 2017, so there is a high expectation over the curved screen TVs among the technology lovers.

Best curved screen TV model available in the marketplace

Well, the Korean manufacturer Samsung is one of the top leaders when it comes to electronic items especially when it comes to Mobile phones and TVs. The new model of curved screen TV Samsung 55-Inch UN65KS9500 attains the best among the available curved screen TVs, followed by that the LG product of LG 55EG9600 4K Ultra HD positioned second in that list.

The list of best-curved TVs upon various factors

  • Best Budget: Samsung 49-Inch UN49KU6500
  • Best 4K: LG OLED65C6P
  • The Best Value: Samsung UN65JU6700
  • Best Smart Functionality: Samsung UN55KU6600
  • Best Splurge: Samsung UN78KU7500
  • The Best for Gaming: Samsung UN65KS9800

Self-questions for clearing your doubts on opting towards curve screen TVs

Well, if you still doubt about yourself on purchasing curved TVs, here are few samples which need to get clarified by yourself in order to get clear thoughts on buying Curved TVs.

  • Why am I supposed to buy this curved screen TV?
  • Do I have the perfect place for placing curved?
  • How many of my family members will be benefited by the curved TV experience?
  • In addition to the curvature effect, does the new model TV have all other vital features which are needed by me?
  • Does the motion picture in curved TV really look attractive to you?
  • Is the curved screen TV really worthy for me to spend extra price?

That answers of the above-mentioned self-question will make you search a lot about your requirements and gives you a clear idea about what’s your requirement when it comes to buying TVs and what you are looking for buying a TV.

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Conclusion: Curved TV set

Though the impacts which attract users on buying curved TV set are looks pretty neutral, still being neutral will automatically tend a step over the ill will action the arrival new curved screen TVs will have certain life in the market. However, opting towards the bigger curved TV set would have more sense and bigger impacts than the existing flat screen models.

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