Features of Android 9.0 pie: 15 new features you should check out

Features of Android 9.0 pie: 15 new features in the updated version.

Android 9.0 pie: As we already know that, the newest version of Android is out! Moreover, its name is Pie etc.

Still, we don’t know what are the “real features in the Android 9.0 pie”. Although you might have seen many posts, which shows the significant feature changes but do you know how to access those features and how many features are there in the Android 9.0 pie.

If you don’t know means don’t worry, I am going to explain the coolest features of Android 9.0 pie in this post.

So, let’s get started with the features of Android 9.0 pie.

But, before that Android 9.0 pie has made small tweaks to the Android and brought the latest versions Available. If you haven’t used that version means to upgrade your version to use an improved version.

Now, Due to the Android’s fragmentation, Android 9.0 pie may look different on devices in the upcoming months but the process and functionality will be similar.

Whether you are already using this Android 9.0 pie or you are yet to use the Android pie, for both of you this article about features of Android 9 pie post is helpful.

Android 9.0 pie
Android 9.0 pie

Let’s get to the topic,

Features of Android 9.0 Pie:

I have covered some fresh and exciting features of Android 9.0 pie in this post. So have a glance at these features and make use of these features.


  • Adaptive Battery life:

The battery is an essential factor for anyone who uses the phone. In previous Android versions, you have doze feature, which means it will hibernate all the apps even which are required. However, in new Android 9.0, it has improved its battery adaptability feature.

At this movement, Android new version is having many automated features, which are helpful, and Adaptive battery option is one of them. This is the upgraded version of Android Doze feature, which is introduced, in Android marshmallow.

In the doze feature, it will keep all the apps that you weren’t using into the “deep sleep” mode just to prevent them from eating your battery life. But, in the new Adaptive battery, you can get even more than Doze feature.

Here Adaptive battery will learn about the apps and services you and it will adjust accordingly. So, it can save your battery as well as it can give you essential updates.

This is one of the best features of Android 9.0 pie. Generally, this feature in Android 9.0 is enabled by default but in case, if it is not allowed on your device means you can enable it by following this process.

    • Go to the Settings.
    • Open Battery option.
    • Then go to Adaptive battery.
    • Enable it if it is disabled.

New Gesture Navigation of Android pie:

Navigation has been easier in Android Pie when compared to the older versions of Android. It is having a standard three-button navigation bar right at the bottom of the screen for quite a long time. But, now in Android pie you can drop the three button Home, recent, and back in favor of gesture settings.

Although the device will stay in an old-fashioned way, you can try the new way by following these steps,

    • Head over to the Settings.
    • Click on the system.
    • Then tap on gestures.
    • Swipe up on home button.

Now, your navigation will change instantly. That’s why I have included this feature as one of the best and newest features f Android 9.0 Pie.

Android 9.0 pie Feature
Android 9.0 pie Feature

If you are having problem with how to navigate with the new setup:

    • Then tap on the new pill shaped home button.
    • Go to the home.
    • If you can use the back button then it will appear where it always has.
    • Swipe up on home button to open recent apps.
    • Press and hold app icon to open spilt screen option.
    • Move left or right to check out the list of apps.
    • Swipe up twice to open app drawer.
    • Press home button to launch google assistant.

Dark mode:

Dark mode is another cool feature where you can change your device theme to the Dark background. Most of the people like dark backgrounds on their mobile phones if you are the one who likes dark themes.

Then make use of this Dark Mode. To set the dark mode on your device you have to follow these steps.

    • Go to the Settings page.
    • Click on the system.
    • Tap on Display.
    • Now click on Advanced.
    • Finally, tap on the Device theme and choose “Dark”.

That’s it all set to Dark mode now enjoy your Dark mode. When you want to choose light mode then follow the similar steps and choose light mode at the end. This is one of the newest features of Android 9.0 Pie.

App Actions:

App actions is another cool feature of Android 9.0 pie. In general, google launcher is already predicting the apps you are most likely to open based on the time of the day. Now, App Actions will start the tasks by predicting what you want to do next.

Ex: You can see the shortcut to the google maps navigation when you are going to the work. When you plug in your headphones, it will show you the most recently played playlist in the App Action. Etc.

Although these are similar to the App shortcuts, these are attractive and smart in predicting our next step.

  • Google Digital Wellbeing & App timer:

Knowing how time we spend on particular apps is essential to manage time. In general, we often spend a lot of time on social media with no use. If you want to be productive, then you can make use of App timer in Android 9.0 pie.

With this App, you can set the time limit on any application you use. After the specified amount of time you spend on that app, it will automatically turn into the grey color. Which means it is saying that you have spent your daily time on that app. regarding the duration; you can set according to your wish. You have to watch out this feature because it is one of the best features of Android 9.0 pie.

  • Slices:

Slices are pretty much similar to the App Actions. The slices will let you jump right to the desired actions in the apps. For ex: Google says that if you search for Evernote on your phone, you will see a shortcut to Evernote to take down some Notes. Along with that, you can do many things with that slices such as book cabs, tickets and more.

  • Android Automatic Brightness:

This is another built-in feature in Android 9.0 pie. Here the latest Android version will automatically adjust your brightness level according to your preference in certain apps. You can help the Android version by giving training to it by opening Quick settings panel on your phone.

Quick settings panel means to pull down the notification bar twice and adjust adaptive brightness as you need in different apps.

Improve Security Features:

Google Android versions are known for security although these aren’t good as iPhone security features, these are helpful for all.

The first security feature you have to remember is Android 9.0 pie Os ” restricts all the access of camera, mic, and all the sensor manager sensors from the apps which are idle”  that means even when you give permission to the app to use microphone the app can’t use it unless you are actively using that app.

If you are using that app actively means it will give access or else it google will not give access to that app.

The second features is lockdown mode; this is made for emergencies. To activate these settings follow these steps.

  •    Go to the Settings.
  •    Then click on the “Security & Location” option.
  •    Tap on Lock Screen Preferences.
  •    Then click on “Show lockdown option.”
  •    Enable the option.

Whenever you tap lockdown on the power menu, this will instantly lock your phone, and it will disable fingerprint unlocking, smart lock on the phone. It will even hide all the notification on your lock screen.

Android 9.0 pie Feature
Android 9.0 pie Feature

Now, to unlock this phone, you have to use your PIN, Pattern or password. This is useful in emergency cases when anyone forces you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint.

  • Accessibility menu:

Android has a new accessibility menu, which makes easier to access common function on the device. To Enable this features on your Android 9.0 pie device, you have to follow these steps.

    • Go to the Settings.

    • Click on Accessibility.
    • Then tap on Accessibility menu.
    • After that turn on the use service slider.
    • Confirm the prompt screen.
    • Then you are going to see a new icon to your right of the navigation bar.

You can tap on that icon anytime it will bring up an extensive menu with the shortcuts of recent apps, Quick Settings, Volume, etc.

  • Better and Easier text selection:

Unlike another Android version, the new version makes selecting text pretty easier. Besides, it has been more responsive to handle in the selection mode. Whenever you copy paste any content or writing, you can long press on the text to select, and it will show a little magnifier that shows precisely what you are choosing as well.

  • New Screenshot “Shortcut”: Volume Control

As this is a new version of Android, it has included a new screenshot “shortcut.” Volume control. Unlike the old and awkward process of taking is gone in the newer version you don’t have to hold power + Volume Down button combination instead you can go the shortcut from the power menu anything. The best thing is you can edit your screenshot right away without waiting.

  • Easier Screen Rotation:

Android usually switches your orientation just by measuring how the screen is situated. In that, you can even lock the screen orientation to the landscape or the portrait mode, but switching has become the pain.

So, in new Android Pie 9.0, you have an Auto-Rotate feature, and it will be turned off. Now, you will see a new icon on the right side of the screen, whenever you rotate your device to the landscape you can click on that orientation to lock it. So, it will not revert to the original state even when you change the position. That is the enhanced feature in the New Android 9.0 pie.

  • More Notification Information:

Are you tired of App Notification, then you can see which apps are always sending distraction notification by following these steps?

    • Go to the Settings page.
    • Click on Apps & Notifications.
    • Notification.

In that, you can see which apps have pinged you most recently. You can even see all the last week information in that setting. This is one of the new features of Android 9.0 Pie.

You can even chance that to most recent to most frequent to find precisely which app is consistently disturbing you with unwanted app notifications.

  1. Navigation via Wi-Fi Round trip time:

This is one of the best features of Android 9.0 pie. With this feature, you can navigate to your destiny easily. Android 9.0 pie is coming with the function RTT that is called as Round trip time.

This enables all the users to navigate even from the buildings such as cinemas, shopping malls and so on with the turn-by-turn direction using the Indoor GPS tracking.

  • Improved Do Not Disturb Mode:

Android Do not disturb feature is a helpful feature in the previous android version. Now, in this version, it has been improved. Now, in Do Not Disturb mode you can prevent visual interruptions such as background notifications, frequent notification pop-ups and so on.

You can activate “shush mode,” which automatically silences your phone’s entire notifications. To Enable this feature just keep your phone on any surface facing down so that it will activate DND automatically enabled.

Did I miss something you love?

Now, it’s your turn to let us know about the features of Android 9.0 pie you love in this post.

Do you think we have missed any of your favorite feature on this list of Best features of Android 9.0 pie?

Then let us know them in the comment section and share with your friends and family to encourage us to write even more.

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