Fall Guys mid season update: Meet Big Yeetus

Fall Guys mid season update: Meet Big Yeetus

Beans, beans, good for your heart!

While it has become a cliché to say [insert product] is the [insert product] We need now, it’s hard to argue Fall guys didn’t capture the chaotic spirit of 2020 in an absolutely ridiculous video game.

I love it and hate Fall Guys alike.

And now, just as I was ready to move on to new things, Fall Guys developers, Mediatonic, added a number of new things to keep us posted in anticipation of the big season two update in October.

This update includes a gigantic hammer called Big Yeetus, a hammer that – if you set the time correctly – can start you across maps.

The update also remixes some of the existing levels, updating areas that you’ve most likely explored over and over again. (Seesaw, I’m looking at you.) That means slightly different layouts, devilishly designed obstacles, etc. In general, these changes seem to help offset some of the boredom you experienced in previous levels.

Perhaps the best addition: Fall Guys will now use Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat Tools to eliminate people who are trying to hack the game and ruin the experience for everyone else.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting to type the words “Big Yeetus” when I signed up today, but here we are.

Large. Yeetus.


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