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Facebook takes its next steps in VR, Apple releases iOS 14, and PlayStation 5 gets a launch date. This is your Daily Crunch for September 16, 2020.

The Big Story: Facebook Unveils Oculus Mission 2

Facebook has announced the smaller and more affordable follow-up to the Oculus Quest VR headset that will launch on October 13 at a starting price of $ 299. At the same time, Lucas Matney has already tried the device and was very impressed in his review:

This is the most compelling argument Oculus has made for VR since its inception … It’s still largely for gamers and will still be in danger of wowing mainstream users for a few weeks and then spending the rest of its time. life in the closet.

The announcement was part of today’s Facebook Connect event, where the company also debuted in a virtual office space called Infinite Office, announced a fitness tracking device, and revealed plans to launch smart glasses on Next year.

Meanwhile, RIP Oculus Rift.

The tech giants

Apple burns developer goodwill with the surprise release of iOS 14 – iOS 14 is now available for download, with yesterday’s surprise announcement that left many developers having to prepare their apps.

Amazon Music Adds Podcasts, Including Its Original Shows – The first list of originals on Amazon Music will include shows hosted by creators like DJ Khaled, Becky G, Will Smith, Dan Patrick, and more.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston says the pandemic has forced the company to reevaluate the meaning of work: Houston spoke to ProWellTech Disrupt, claiming that COVID has accelerated the shift to distributed work that won’t go away.

Startups, financing and venture capital

Zwift, maker of a popular indoor workout app, just got a whopping $ 450 million grant led by KKR – Zwift has now raised $ 620 million in total and is valued north of $ 1 billion.

Volocopter Kicks Off Presales For Its First Air Taxi Flights, With 2-3 Year Waiting Time – If Your Sad Faced Tech Mantra Is “We were promised flying machines and all we got were these trolls of the internet shit “, fear not, Volocopter is here.

Kerry Washington explains why she became a startup investor – She also discussed her investment in The Wing, the women’s co-working startup that has faced some recent scandals.

Tips and analysis from Extra Crunch

Four perspectives on Apple’s new service package: First, Cupertino is engaging in some form of protection for the future to offset slowing hardware sales and potentially a loss of App Store revenue.

Dear Sophie: How can I get my 2 year foreign residency requirement waived for my J-1? – Another edition of “Dear Sophie”, the advice column that answers questions related to labor immigration in tech companies.

JFrog and Snowflake’s aggressive IPO pricing points to strong demand for cloud stocks – at their final IPO prices, the two debuts are aggressively priced, showing continued optimism among public investors that cloud stocks are a gamble attractive.

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All the rest

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will arrive on November 12, priced at $ 500 – On that date, the console will be available in North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

China surpasses 110 million 5G users in less than a year – This makes China the largest 5G market in terms of user size, according to the China Academy for Information and Communications Technology.

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