Facebook Messenger on Instagram Is The New Addition to “Super Sync”

Facebook Messenger on Instagram Is The New Addition to “Super Sync”

Facebook has ad Facebook Messenger services on Instagram. You can now access all the features of Instagram DMs in your Messenger app.

Bringing Messenger to Instagram means that you will also get all the customization features of the original Messenger for Instagram chats. Facebook has also added disappear mode, selfie stickers, animated messaging effects, and other features to the new service.

Facebook Messenger on Instagram: how does it work?

Facebook Messenger on Instagram Brings New Controls and Features

You use your Facebook account to log into Instagram. Facebook simply connects your DM Messenger and Instagram. This means that you can now reply to messages and participate in video calls using one of the two apps. Plus, it will definitely save you some time to find that conversation which is always lost because we can’t remember where it was.

The company has also added new features that will be rolled out for both Instagram and Messenger. Here is what you will get with Facebook Messenger on Instagram –

Disappear Mode and Message Controls

Facebook is adding disappearance mode and message controls to the new platform. If you are chatting in disappear mode, messages are automatically deleted once they are viewed or you close the chat. Message controls allow you to decide who can send you a message.

You can also choose where to receive your message and call requests, or not at all.

Co-observation, selfie stickers, etc.

Group shadowing has become particularly popular since COVID-19 locked people in their homes. The new “Watch Together” feature will allow you to co-watch videos on IGTV, Reels, Facebook Watch, TV shows and movies, while having a video call. The functionality will be added later.

Facebook Messenger on Instagram also has a selfie sticker feature. This will allow you to take a boomerang selfie, add filters and animations to it, and use it as stickers in a chat. You can also customize chat colors and add custom emoji shortcuts now.

Animated message effects have also been added. This means that you can send messages with iMessage-ish animations and custom effects. You can also forward a message to up to 5 people or groups at a time. Just like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger will now allow you to reply to specific messages.

Facebook Super Sync

We like to call the integration of Facebook owned apps like “Super Sync”. This basically applies to the sync levels Facebook can achieve by integrating all of its products and services.

Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and well, Facebook. This means two heavy social media platforms and two widely used messaging services. It’s a matter of time before Facebook syncs all of these services and makes it super convenient.

Facebook recently started testing an account center to manage your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts. Imagine switching between Instagram DMs, Facebook messages, and WhatsApp chats with just the push of a button. We’re almost there with Facebook Messenger on Instagram.

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