Facebook Accounts Center Enables “Super Sync” With Instagram, Messenger

Facebook Accounts Center Enables “Super Sync” With Instagram, Messenger

Tech giant Facebook has started testing a new account center functionality for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. It is designed to streamline cross-platform activity between your Instagram and Facebook accounts. The Account Center has started rolling out to users and will be available in the settings menu of Facebook applications.

It is an optional feature and you can use it to manage your Instagram, Facebook and Messenger accounts. The Account Center also introduces a single sign-on option, which means you can quickly recover your account if you get locked out.

Speaking of the controls, you can toggle the settings to automatically share your Facebook stories to Instagram or your Instagram posts to your Facebook wall. It also allows you to sync your name and profile picture between accounts. You can also keep different profile pictures and usernames for Facebook and Instagram and continue to use its other features.

Facebook Pay on the account center

Integration of Facebook Pay on the Facebook account center

Facebook Pay is a payment method that works in all corporate applications. You can use Facebook Pay to make purchases and donations on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. In the US, users can add their PayPal accounts or credit / debit card details to Facebook Pay.

The company also integrates this into the Facebook account center. This means that the account center will record your payment information and make it available on Facebook’s social media apps. The feature will be added to the Account Center later this year.

Simply put, Facebook is trying to leverage its cross-platform integration by linking Facebook and Instagram accounts as much as possible. The Facebook Account Center allows you to sync your Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. If you are an active user, this saves you from having to set preferences for each post.

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