Face Painting Ideas for adults and kids

Face Painting Ideas for adults and kids

Face Painting gives a happy and fun feeling for any occasion, whether you are doing it for a birthday party, Birthday Parties, Prenatal Belly Paintings, Fancy Dress, Corporate events, Hens Parties, Baby Showers, Business Promotions, Small and Large Community Events, or for any other events. The Face Paint brings the entertainment for you with pleasure and delight. With a colour splash and a sprinkling of glitter, the face brightens up your event, or a party. Anyone, children or adults can have enjoyed the face painting.

Face PaintingFace Painting, in the current era, is being used as a modern concept. But, its use has been from the very ancient times. The reasons for face painting vary based on their use, such as, for hunting purposes, as a camouflage, in wars, religious reasons, and may be for military reasons. The recent archaeological researches show that the ancient men had and used the tools for face painting. The concept of face painting has gone into dark after the ancient man, and remained as an ancient concept. However, later after many ages, in this modern era it has come into the light and people started using it for various purposes, such as conveying messages, entertainment purposes and such other.

However, face paint is an art and is mainly being used, now by the people for entertainment purposes. Let us look into some of the face painting concept ideas for various generations and genders.

Face Paint Ideas for Kids

Bunny Face

  1. Paint two white and bushy eyebrows on above the eyes, and whisker pads on both the cheeks.
  2. Paint a white horizontal rectangle on the chin.
  3. Using black paint on thin brush, add strokes on white eyebrows.
  4. Draw around the white rectangle on the chin.
  5. Add three lines and dots on the cheeks.
  6. Finally, dust the cheeks with glitter.

Bunny Face PaintingFace Paint Ideas for Adults

Pirate Face

  1. Paint red colour, showing as bandana, extending down on one side of the face.
  2. Outline the bandana with black, and paint black moustache, and eye patch.
  3. You can even add some coloured dots on the bandana to get some effects.

Pirate Face PaintingFace Paint Ideas for Boys

A Chick Face

  1. Paint yellow all around your eyes, until the end of the nose with a raggedy edge.
  2. Paint black lines over the raggedy edges on the yellow paint, using a thin brush.
  3. Paint a triangle on the nose with orange colour.
  4. Finally, draw some white lines, near the black lines.

Chick FaceHalloween Face Paint Ideas


  1. Paint an outline using white paint, on the upper part of both the eyes.
  2. Add two fangs to the mouth, by drawing two upside down triangles on either side of the lips.
  3. Using bright red paint, sweep across the eyelids, with a curl the ends up over the eyebrows.
  4. Now, draw lines from both inner corners of the eyes to the centre of the cheeks.
  5. Finally, using black pain, create eyebrows, goatee beard and sideburns.

Halloween FaceWhat is there to delay? Let us have face paint, and give our friends some fun.


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