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Android 11 is the latest version of Google’s ubiquitous mobile operating system. Although many devices are still running on even older iterations, there is already a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming Android 12. If the Android 11 release cycle is not yet complete, Android 12 should get its first developer preview in February. This build should show what Google has been working towards over the past few months. Until then, let’s take a look at the rumored Android 12 features that are supposed to be available soon.

Rumor has it that Android 12 features

Smarter app storage management

A photo of the authorization of the installation app

Tired of occupying apps but not necessarily wanting to uninstall them? App hibernation could play a crucial role in Android 12’s management of the footprint of these apps. The function is already included in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This allows the operating system to effectively clear an app’s cache when it is marked as “hibernation”.

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However, it is unclear what makes an app sleep. We don’t know if this status is determined by the operating system or the user. Additionally, we don’t know if the feature has any other memory management tricks such as: B. compressing unused apps or clearing the system cache.

Those who use phones with a lot of memory won’t really feel it. However, it will likely be a great addition to entry-level Android devices or older phones intended for OS upgrade.

Android runtime as mainline module

In one of the biggest new features in Android 12, Google plans to turn its Android Runtime (ART) into a Project Mainline module. This would theoretically allow the company to post important updates for ART through the Play Store. This would improve the pace of update delivery and make the process between manufacturers more seamless.

ART is a linchpin in the daily operation of Android. It translates the bytecode of the operating system into a machine language that can be understood by the device’s CPU. It is therefore important that ART is kept up to date. Optimizing the updates could therefore improve the overall performance of Android.

Manage two apps as one task

Google has not turned its back on passionate multitaskers in Android 12. There is evidence that the company is working on a feature called App Pairs. It allows users to manage two open applications in the Android Recent menu as a single task.

The name is reminiscent of Samsung’s app pair function on a user interface. Users can open two apps on the screen at the same time from the Edge control panel. Microsoft’s Surface Duo also has a similar feature that allows users to open the pair of apps directly from a shortcut to the home screen. It’s unclear whether Android’s native solution would include any of these capabilities.

However, the feature would be a boon for larger phones, leaflets, and tablets. This would make it easier to switch between a split-screen and a full-screen app in the Recent menu.

Improved game controller support

Google Stadia Controller on the table

Google is committed to improving support for rumble response from third-party game controllers XDAis Mishaal Rahman.

Android currently has an API for managing haptic feedback from controllers, but it doesn’t give developers access to fine-tune the amplitude of rumble noises. The result? You cannot create custom patterns that differ in thickness or pattern – – an important factor in modern games. Now it appears that Google is addressing these issues according to the commits submitted to AOSP.

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The reviewers of the commits include engineers from Google and Sony. However, it is likely that controllers from Nvidia, Microsoft, and other major players will also be supported. When the improvements hit the final builds of Android 12, they should massively bolster the platform’s game pedigree well in advance of the onslaught of game streaming services.

Restricted network mode

A revised network management mode could be available on Android 12. This would give the operating system more control over which apps can access the internet.

According to XDAThe function has the form of a blacklist, which is activated by a setting switched in the operating system. This toggle is likely to be accessible by the user, but it is unclear whether the actual blacklist can be customized by the user. Measured in terms of commits merged with AOSP, the function only allows certain apps with the CONNECTIVITY_USE_RESTRICTED_NETWORK authorization to use the network. All other apps are excluded from communication with the outside world.

Android 11 already offers one-time location authorizations per app. Restricted network mode would be a valuable addition to improving user privacy. We would be happy to see a more detailed implementation if it is available for Android 12 in time.

Support for scrolling screenshots

Screen capture button Android 11

It was a long-running rumor even before Android 10 made its bow. However, Android 11 was disappointed because there was no support for scrolling screenshots. Could this be one of the built-in features of Android 12?

In July 2020, Google’s Dan Saddler confirmed that support for scrolling screenshots for Android 11 didn’t quite make the difference. This is because the developers intended to create a platform that all apps could use. Saddler added that it could appear in a “future API bump”. However, there is no confirmation that it will be released in time for Android 12.

You can already scroll through third-party apps in Android screenshots, but the standard support would be a welcome addition.

Pixel double tap actions

When the Android 11 developer preview hit it included a nifty double-tap feature that could be activated with some work at the end of the user. Pixel phone users can use it to control hardware or launch apps. While it wasn’t an essential control method, it was a useful way to access key functions without touching the screen. Unfortunately, it never reached the stable build of Android 11. Now it is possible that this feature will be available again in Android 12.

With the function with the code name Columbus, users can take screenshots, open the notification shadow or start the Google Assistant. Google can also allow users to adjust the sensitivity of double clicks or disable them entirely if they don’t suit their needs.

Wi-Fi password sharing via Nearby Share

Wi-Fi Android quick settings

Nearby Share made its debut in mid-2020 and offered Android 11 Apple AirDrop-like features. Now is the chance that the feature could be used to share Wi-Fi passwords with nearby users.

In a commit to AOSP revealed by XDAGoogle could allow users to share QR codes with Wi-Fi passwords in the operating system’s Wi-Fi settings. This could mean that the days of physically entering complex Wi-Fi passwords would soon be over.

More extensive topic support

Android 11’s native customization options are pretty limited. Users can only switch between a light and a dark mode in the user interface. However, that could change, according to a new report.

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Speckled by 9to5GoogleWith Android 12, users may be able to choose from a variety of primary and accent colors for custom operating system themes. This not only affects the Quick Settings menu and other user interface elements. Apps designed for that too.

For those who can’t choose a color, the theme system should also adopt the primary colors of the system background, similar to Windows 10.

What rumored Android 12 features would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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