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Apples The app store is under antitrust review, a private space company plans to install a satellite for lunar communication, and Boston Dynamics is expanding the availability of its legendary spot robot.

Here is your daily crisis for June 16, 2020.

1. Apple Pay and iOS App Store under formal antitrust review in Europe

The European Commission has confirmed that it is officially reviewing whether the Apple rules for app developers on the App Store violate EU competition rules. The research focuses on Apple’s mandatory requirement for app developers to use the company’s proprietary in-app purchase system, and limitations on their ability to notify users of alternative purchase options.

In the meantime, Apple has released an Analysis Group study that tries to measure the entire App Store ecosystem. Last year, e-commerce was valued at $ 519 billion.

2. First commercial earth-moon communication satellite scheduled for 2023

Under the current circumstances, communication between Earth and Moon actually requires a large amount of equipment. A new project by a new private space company called CommStar Space Communications could help cover these costs by installing a data relay satellite between the moon and earth.

3. Now any US company can buy the Boston Dynamics spot robot for $ 74,500

Nine months after the provision of limited quantities of Spot as part of the Early Adopter program, Boston Dynamics is now making its yellow and black four-legged friends available to any company that wants one (and can afford it).

4. T-Mobile hit by phone call, SMS failure

Customers reported yesterday that they could not make or receive calls. Some of them indicated that text messages were also affected. The problem appears to have started around 9 or 10 p.m. Pacific time.

5. What’s next with Space Tech? 9 VCs are looking to the future

Investors who are focused and familiar with space see many opportunities in the market regardless of the prevailing global economic difficulties. One important reason: no matter how tight the wallets are, space is still a significant and growing source of government and defense spending. (Additional crunch membership required.)

6. Basecamp launches Hey, a hosted email service for nice freaks

Incoming e-mails to Hey users are divided into different subjects – whereby a central “inbox” (“im” stands for important) contains only the messages you have specified that are important.

7. Demandbase acquires Engagio to consolidate B2B marketing and make it clearer

Both companies focus on account-based marketing, an approach in which marketing and sales coordinate their contact to specific, high-value accounts. Jon Miller, co-founder and CEO of Engagio, said to us: “Most people who weren’t very close to the category would have said we were competitors.” Instead, the companies have more than 30 common customers.

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