ElevenLabs’ voice-generating tools launch out of beta

ElevenLabs launches AI-powered synthetic voice platform out of beta, supporting over 30 languages.

Introducing ElevenLabs’ new AI model, empowering users to effortlessly identify and generate emotionally captivating speech across multiple languages, including Korean, Dutch, and Vietnamese. With the platform’s voice cloning tool and our commitment to universal content accessibility, ElevenLabs brings human-quality AI voices to creators worldwide. Join us in realizing our dream of leveling the playing field with top-notch text-to-speech generation tools. Explore limitless spoken audio capabilities! Learn more at ElevenLabs.


ElevenLabs, co-founded by Staniszewski (formerly at Palantir) and Piotr Dabkowski (a former Google employee), has recently gained attention for both positive and negative reasons. With their inspiration drawn from subpar dubbing of American movies during their shared upbringing in Poland, the duo embarked on creating an AI-powered platform to enhance the dubbing industry. Stay tuned for the latest updates from ElevenLabs, the innovators revolutionizing the field with their cutting-edge technology!

ElevenLabs, in beta since January, gained traction swiftly. With remarkable voice quality and a generous free tier, it attracted attention. However, it faced some negative publicity as malicious users exploited the platform for their own agenda. Explore more about the journey of ElevenLabs and its challenges and triumphs.

The notorious message board 4chan, renowned for its controversial content, employed the tools of ElevenLabs to disseminate offensive messages imitating well-known personalities such as actor Emma Watson. Furthermore, James Vincent from The Verge effectively utilized ElevenLabs to swiftly replicate individuals’ voices, producing audio samples encompassing a wide range of alarming elements, from violent threats to expressions of discrimination based on race and gender identity.

ElevenLabs plans to address concerns by implementing new safeguards, including restricting voice cloning to paid accounts and introducing an AI detection tool. However, there is another issue looming over their platform and similar platforms – the potential impact on the voice acting industry. Balancing innovation and industry preservation poses a significant challenge.

Motherboard discusses the growing trend of voice actors relinquishing rights to their voices The New York Times reveals internal emails suggesting that Activision Blizzard, a leading game publisher, is developing AI-assisted “voice cloning” tools. Learn more about this fascinating topic here.

ElevenLabs recognizes the natural progression of things and highlights its collaborations with prominent publishers, media platforms, and game developers. Strategic investors like Storytel and TheSoul Publishing further contribute to their success. With over a million registered users across creative, entertainment, and publishing industries, ElevenLabs has accumulated a decade’s worth of audio content. Discover more about their impressive work!

ElevenLabs, a startup that recently secured $19 million in funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz and DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, has set its sights on expanding its AI models to voice dubbing. This move follows the footsteps of successful startups like Papercup and Deepdub, and aims to establish a solid foundation for emotion and intonation transfer between languages.

Moreover, ElevenLabs has plans to incorporate a mechanism allowing users to share voices on their platform, although specific details are yet to be revealed. Experience the future of voice dubbing and multilingual communication with ElevenLabs!