Dyson Labor Day sale: haircare, fans and cordless vacuums 1

This year’s Labor Day deals have arrived, and among the best offers are the discounts that you can get on Dyson devices. The brand is very popular in the home appliance industry because of its groundbreaking features and stylish designs, which is why its products almost always get sold out whenever they go on sale. We’ve gathered the top Dyson deals that are available for the holiday, buy you need to decide what to buy and push through with the purchase as soon as possible because we’re not sure how long stocks will last.

Dyson Cool Tower Fan AM07 — $270, was $370


The Dyson Cool Tower Fan AM07 provides an uninterrupted breeze by amplifying the air that surrounds it using Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology. You’ll be able to choose between 10 airflow settings for the optimum cooling during hot weather, and you can do this through the tower fan’s remote control. There’s also the option to set a sleep timer to limit the Dyson Cool Tower Fan AM07 to certain hours.

Dyson Supersonic Origin hair dryer — $300, was $400

Dyson supersonic hair dryer.

The Dyson Supersonic Origin hair dryer is designed for fast drying and precision styling, but it’s also engineered to prevent extreme heat damage on your hair by analyzing the air and regulating its heat. You have the option between three speed settings and four heat settings, depending on what you need at the moment, and the hair dryer features Heat Shield technology that keeps its surfaces cool at all times.

Dyson V8 cordless vacuum — $370, was $470

The Dyson V8 Animal

The Dyson V8 cordless vacuum will help you keep your floors clean with its powerful suction that can pick up dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair. The cordless vacuum features a variety of attachments, including a detangling Motorbar cleaner head that can prevent pet hair from getting stuck, and a hair screw tool that can remote pet hair from upholstery. The Dyson V8 can run up to 40 minutes on a single charge, and it features advanced whole-machine filtration for your family’s protection.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01 purifying heater + fan — $430, was $530

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier on a white background.
Keep the air in your home clean with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01 purifying heater + fan, which features HEPA filtration for whole room purification while also either heating or cooling you. The filters are easy to replace, so you won’t need to call for a technician to do it. You can choose between Diffused and Focused airflow, with oscillation of up to 70 degrees, and you can also set up the machine to automatically turn off after a set amount of time.

Dyson Outsize cordless vacuum — $500, was $600

Woman vacuuming floor with Dyson V11 Outsize Total Clean Cordless Vacuum.

The Dyson Outsize cordless vacuum delivers the brand’s trademark suction power in a larger format, with a 25% bigger cleaner head and a 150% larger dustbin compared to the Dyson V11. This translates to covering more of your floor with each pass, and to more cleaning before you need to dispose of the dust and debris that it picked up. The Dyson Outsize can last up to 60 minutes on a single charge, while also offering advanced whole-machine filtration.

Dyson Purifier Cool TP07 smart air purifier and fan — $500, was $650

The Dyson Purifier Cool TP07 smart air purifier and fan in a room with a man.

The Dyson Purifier Cool TP07 intelligently cleans the air while also cooling the room. It can sense changes in air quality and reports the pollution levels on its LCD screen and on the MyDyson app, then it automatically captures and traps the pollutants. The whole device is fully sealed to keep the pollutants inside, and you’ll receive alerts when it’s time to change its filter. The Dyson Purifier Cool TP07 smart air purifier and fan offers oscillation of up to 350 degrees, and you can use voice commands to control it through Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google Home.

Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 smart tower air purifier, heater and fan — $600, was $750

The Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool HP07 on a white background.

The Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 is a complete device that’s capable of providing you with cleaner air while keeping the room hot or cool, depending on your preference. It’s also safeguarded with HEPA filtration that keeps all pollutants safely inside it, and it automatically reacts to changes in air quality. The Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 smart tower air purifier, heater and fan also offer a Night Mode, which will keep it very quiet while it works during your sleeping hours.

Dyson V15 Detect Extra cordless vacuum — $600, was $800

Dyson V15 Detect

The Dyson V15 Detect Extra cordless vacuum offers most of what you’d expect from a Dyson cordless vacuum, including powerful suction, the ability to convert to a handheld vacuum, a maximum runtime of 60 minutes, and several attachments to help you reach tight and awkward spaces. What sets it apart is its green laser that will let you spot dust that you usually can’t see with your naked eye, for a more complete cleaning of your home each time.

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