Download the Google Pixel 5 wallpapers here

Download the Google Pixel 5 wallpapers here

Google Pixel 5 Simply Sage Front and Back Promo Image

Today, Google officially announced some new hardware products, including the new Pixel 5. Thanks Mishaal Rahman on Twitter (from XDA developer Fame), we now have a collection of a dozen Google Pixel 5 wallpapers to enjoy on your current device.

Most wallpapers use the Pixel 5 display area in the top left corner of the phone. If your phone doesn’t have a cutout or is in a different position, these wallpapers might not be as fun. However, they are still very colorful and would likely look great on most phones.

Google Pixel 5 Google’s first 5G smartphone

The Google Pixel 5 might not be the high-end Pixel you expected, but it’s a pretty compelling mid-range option. Google is going back to basics with the Pixel 5 and foregoing high-end features like face recognition and the quirky Motion Sense gestures.

You can see all the walls below. However, Don’t download them from these pictures! They have been compressed. You should scroll down a bit and download the zip file with all the background images in full resolution.

Google Pixel 5 wallpapers

These Google Pixel 5 wallpapers can be found by clicking the button below. You need to unzip it, put it in the appropriate folder for your Android device and then apply it.

Don’t want to install Pixel 5 walls on your current device? You can pre-order a Pixel 5 instead by clicking here.

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