14 ways to find a perfect domain name ideas?

Are you keen to start your own online business or blog? Are you searching for domain name ideas or do want to choose your desired domain name?

If you have these question in your mind then just go through this article to find out the best ways to find a perfect and desired domain name ideas for your blog or website.

Do you know: Creating a website is easy nowadays but the hardest part is creating a perfect and impressive name to your site?

You might think this as a bogus but it’s not, selecting a perfect domain name for sites is becoming more difficult day by day because of the rise in digital marketing.

Domain Name Finder

Finding an ideal domain name is way more challenging now a day’s as they are already millions of websites registered with lots of best and powerful name.

If you are having the problem with selecting a domain name, then you can have a glance at this post. Here I am going to help you with some valuable tips.

Now let us go into the domain name ideas to help you out:

Now a day’s they are tons and tons of websites out there and in that most of the short and sweet names were already taken by others.

So most of them think it’s not possible to get natural and desired name, but that fact is it’s not impossible. I know it’s hard to find a domain name which is perfect but if you spare some time and think well, then you can get short and sweet domain name.

Here I am going to give you some tips which are helpful in getting domain name ideas for your blog. So find the best domain name with your creative skills by following our tips so that we can add your thoughts with our tips to make the best domain name.

Best domain name ideas:


Be Unique, Don’t take any other domain names which are already popular and don’t take a used name for your website, be unique and creative.

For example: if you want to take a music blog, just find the best matches for it

Don’t just go for:

  • Music Finder
  • The Music rocks
  • Music albums
  • The Music beats.
  • Music craze
  • The Music downloads etc.

If you go with those there will collide between the keywords as many use the music before so try to go for:

  • Trendy Songs
  • Passion songs
  • Sound split
  • Mashup songs etc.


Try to focus on top 5 keywords:

It’s better to have keywords in your domain name, but it’s hard to find a unique name of that because the competition will be much tougher. So just leave a primary key and try to focus on other top keywords so that you can get a great and unique name.

For example: if you focus on music blogs.

Try to avoid music keyword as it is already registered with tons of websites different name so you may not come to the first page while a person type music so tries alternative keywords like songs, albums, etc.


Make it short and sweet: go short and sweet names:

Short and sweet names work pretty well because those names are easier to remember and they are also easier to read and pronounce as well.  So many site owners want to create short and sweet names.

As you already know a short and sweet name like: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. are so popular, so try picking short and sweet names.

Don’t just go for hard pronouncing words and big words. If you keep long and lengthy sentence as your domain name then you are the one who is letting your domain down is you because people will not show interest in having a glance at your blog, and also they can’t just remember your site when they want to express their views with others. So it better to avoid long and lengthy terms.

Don’t go for names like: Buy-music-on-my-music-store.com, brand-new-music-collection-of-me.com

You can see these are very lengthy, and you may get bored in spelling that domain name.

Do you know: Google will display short name perfectly if you have a long name then Google will cut off your name and shows it. So be careful in opting a domain name.


Make it easy to type:

As you can see many sites are quickly typeable so you can simply access those sites for having a glance at its information. But when you find a hard typed domain name then some of the users might skip that site because it is hard to type and takes some time to watch out and type, so people prefer other sites or alternatives than that sites.

So it is best to use the readily typeable domain name. You can have some advantages by keeping a comfortable to type the domain name.

The main advantage is: If you have a name that is easy to type then we will have more returning customers. The increase in returning customers means the growth in business, so it’s best to keep it simple to type.

Make sure, and you aren’t using any “strange words “in your domain name which are hard to type or don’t keep any capital words in your domain names.


Make it easy to spell:

This is one of the most important rules, and you must follow it because you can lose your visitors here at this point by misspelling.

So be careful in opting a domain name just opt for the domain name which is easy to spell. It is always a good practice to pronounce it loudly and apparently to check whether your domain is easy to spell or not.

Try to cross check your spellings while picking your domains names. Don’t ever write wrong spellings in your domain. If you write incorrect spelling then people might not be interested in having a glance at your blog due to the poor grammar and also the other point is if you users might get to the other site which is spelled properly.

Always cross check domain name at least twice and judge whether it is easy to spell.

Have a look at the example then you will find why this point is important:

For: example dribbble.com

See it has a great name, but it’s having three b, — dribbble.com [3b]

Here if a visitor types a dribble.com [2b], then it will show another site.

Or the visitor shows four B’s then it might show another site, or it might show site is not working.

In both cases, you will just lose your visitor, so it is best to opt domain names which are easier to pronounce and spell. You must be very careful in this step.


Don’t keep your domain name by following Trends:

Most of the bloggers try to focus on the trending topic names, but this is a bad practice if you want to survive in blogging for the long term. Because if the trends flow away then you ranking and popularity might also drop so avoid this process.

Always do remember this point never follow the trending word such as:

  • How to
  • Top five
  • 10 tips
  • in-depth
  • 27tips etc.

And so on, just don’t follow those trends in creating your blog name as it can ruin you. Instead, you can follow trends in article and title names, but in the domain name, it is not the best option. So just don’t give yourself with those types of words.


Avoid copyright infringement: never make this mistake:

If you have selected a perfect domain name then just check whether it is someone copyright trademark or not and if it does not then continue in purchasing the domain name for your site.

If you find this domain as other people’s title then just ignore that name and try to focus on the other names.

You can check on these websites

  • http://copyright.gov.in/—[US]
  • https://www.gov.uk/copyright — [UK]
  • http://copyright.gov.in/ — [India]


Choose a perfect top-level domain:

The TLD means top-level domain extension. These are just ending with .com,.net,.org,.co.uk. If wanted to be globally recognizable than “.com” is the best-known extension by all the people.

If you have a targeted audience in some specified area then just prefer those particular extensions like .in,.it,au, etc.


List of selected name:

Now you have followed the above steps. You may have got some names so just write the names which you have shortlisted and found by above seven points, then just simply it and find one of the best. If you are even confused with the keyword, appropriate words then follow next step.


Check synonyms:

If you are not finding any keyword relevant name, then it’s best for you to try synonyms of those words so that you may get some more ideas.

For example: if we take music as the keyword.

Then it’s synonymous are:

  • Melody
  • Rock
  • Rap
  • Tune
  • Classic
  • Jazz etc.

They will be the number of synonyms and find the best for you.


Last Domain name finders:

If you don’t find best domain name from above points. Then just don’t worry and just try to find it with the help of domain name finder. They will check the all possible names, and you can select any idea of it and just improve it to make an awesome name.

Here are a few and best domain name finder:

  • namemesh.com
  • nameboy.com
  • leandomainsearch.com
  • Panabee.com etc.


Ask your friends and family:

After you create your domain name. Then just go and ask for your family and friends whether they could understand the domain name or not. It is one of the best ways to opt a domain name. As you know understanding is most important part of a domain name so just ask them and take their opinions. Taking ideas will always be positive points in blogging whether it may negative or positive just take reviews that’s it.


Personal branding:

You can also place your name or your company names in your domain name if you want to place a remark in the public and a brand name. Personal branding is helpful in many ways if you have an online business or great content


Be quick:

If you have selected a domain name which is best for you then don’t just wait, go fast and register the domain name?

Because now a day’s domain names are consuming fastly like first-day movie tickets. So just make it quick, or else someone might find it too. These are few tips with which you can bring the best domain name ideas and create yourself a unique domain name.



These are the best ways to find perfect domain name ideas for your site. If you strive to focus on “thinking about any topics” of your blog. Then you can get domain name ideas on those topics as well. So try to concentrate on thinking original and perfect domain name. This is all about the 14 best way to find perfect domain name ideas. If you have any suggestion or doubt, then you can comment us below.

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