Dish completes purchase of Boost Mobile from T-Mobile


Dish is now a mobile operator.

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Dish is officially a mobile operator. After he was called in by the Ministry of Justice to address competition concerns T-Mobile merges with Sprint, Court on Wednesday said it has completed the purchase of Boost Mobile, Sprint’s prepaid service.

After signing the contract, Boost users are Dish’s first mobile customers to start building their own mobile network to become a fourth challenger of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. With the acquisition, the satellite provider now has over nine million mobile phone users.

Boost customers can still keep their phone numbers and continue to work in the same areas as now. On Thursday, Dish will unveil its first new plan, which will boost Boost’s earlier $ hrink-It! Plan that starts at $ 45 for 15 GB of data. Monthly rates decrease by $ 5 after three on-time payments and another $ 5 after six on-time payments.

A second new plan, which offers 10 GB of data and unlimited conversation and text options, will also be available for $ 35 a month.

“Today, we are proud to welcome hundreds of employees, thousands of independent retailers and millions of customers to the Dish family,” said Erik Carlson, CEO of Dish, in a statement. “This is an important milestone in Dish’s development as a connectivity company. It positions us well as we continue to build America’s first virtualized, stand-alone 5G network.”

Long-time dish manager John Swieringa will be responsible for Boost Mobile.

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Fusion of T-Mobile and Sprint: what it means for you


The conclusion of the contract is the culmination of Dish’s unlikely role as the savior of the T-Mobile Sprint contract, which concerned regulators that eliminating one of the national airlines would harm consumers. As part of the DOJ-mediated dealDish will use the T-Mobile and Sprint network for seven years while building its own nationwide 5G service, including the opportunity to take advantage of new T-Mobile improvements such as the delivery of 5G.

New Boost users are activated in the T-Mobile network so that they can use the stronger service compared to the Sprint network. Existing Boost customers who want to switch to the T-Mobile network should contact a Boost store to make the switch.

T-Mobile, which includes Sprint and the prepaid brand Metro, had to sell Boost in order to obtain government approval for the merger.

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