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We’ve reached a point where there are almost too many streaming services to choose from. That makes a streaming service free trial worth every penny it saves. You can give a service or platform a try before spending any of your hard-earned money. A Discovery Plus free trial is one that may be of particular interest to anyone looking to break in one of the best TVs or one of the best streaming devices, as Discovery is known for its sprawling, adventurous content that’s almost tailor-made to suit modern home theaters. A Discovery Plus subscription gets you access to shows such as 90-Day Fiancé, Dirty Jobs, and Gold Rushand a Discovery Plus free trial gets you access to the full Discovery Plus library to give it a try before you spend on the premium subscription. Read onward for more details.

Is there a Discovery Plus free trial?

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There is a Discovery Plus free trial, and if things like a Disney Plus free trial and a Peacock TV free trial are of interest to you, it’s worth pouncing on. The Discovery Plus free trial does consist of signing up for the paid service, at which point you’re given seven days of free access to the entire Discovery Plus library of content. You have the full seven days to enjoy all of the Discovery Plus content you like, and you can cancel with no financial commitment within those seven days. If you don’t cancel within those seven days, your credit card will be billed $4.99 per month or $6.99 per month, depending on which Discovery Plus tier you choose at signup.

A Discovery Plus free trial is worth pouncing on, as Discovery Plus is one of the best streaming services, and it’s full of some of the best content to watch right now. Both a Discovery Plus subscription and a Discovery Plus free trial get you access to originals such as Love Off the Grid, Naked and Afraid of Love, and The Haunted Museumas well as new and classic series from HGTV, Food Network, TLC, and more. This content rivals things such as Disney Plus and HBO Max and even surpasses them if you’re into more documentary and reality-based programming.

Can you get Discovery Plus for free?

Discovery Plus is available for free in certain situations. One of those is if you’re a Verizon Unlimited customer and you meet the requirements. If this is the case, you can get Discovery Plus for free for six months. This essentially is an extended version of the Discovery Plus free trial, which is a solid seven days of access to the Discovery Plus catalog, and which can be accessed from various outside platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, through the Discovery Plus app on an AppleTV, and can even be accessed through other streaming devices.

Alternatively, you might consider some of the other services with offers, like the Amazon Prime Video free trial, HBO Max free trial, the Showtime free trial, or even the Sling TV free trial. They’re certainly not the same as Discovery Plus, but they offer plenty of content to watch, especially on top of a subscription you already have!

Are there any Discovery Plus deals?

Discovery Plus Free Trial: Stream for a Week for Free 2
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Discovery Plus is fairly priced at just $5 per month with ads and $9 per month for its ad-free service. However, it discounts its services substantially for both students and

. If you fall into any of those categories as a subscriber, you can get the Discovery Plus Ad-Lite subscription plan for just $2.99 per month. This is a 40% savings compared to its regular price.

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