Delightree raises $3M to help franchise business owners simplify their operations – ProWellTech

Delightree raises $3M to help franchise business owners simplify their operations – ProWellTech

Owning a masonry business seems quite complicated. But do you do multiple positions? For many owners, this is a constant juggling act of phone calls, checklists and driving back and forth from shop to shop. In the midst of a pandemic, it becomes even more complex.

Delightree, a former Alchemist Accelerator-class company, raised $ 3 million to build a hyper focused tool on helping owners of franchise businesses (e.g. hotels, gyms, restaurant chains, etc.) digitalize their operations. and workflows.

A big part of the idea with Delightree is transferring much of what is currently happening through pen and paper checklists to smartphones, allowing franchise owners to know what is happening in their locations from afar. They digitize workflows such as daily shop opening / closing procedures or maintenance routines, with employees checking boxes on their devices rather than a list of paper tokens. If something gets lost along the way, Delightree can automatically ping the owner to let him know before it becomes a problem.

They will also help automate and track things like hiring new employees and preparing for inspections, while offering owners a centralized place to announce at team level or contact employees.

Delightree evolved from a previous company built by its co-founders, Madhulika Mukherjee and Tushar Mishra. They were working on Survaider, a tool that monitored customer feedback on social media, review sites, etc. And he turned that feedback into to-do lists.

“When we were piloting it, our customers started saying: can we create our own tasks? Or can I say something to my employees through this? ”Mishra told me. “It was such an obvious problem, so we started building Delightree.”

Delicious co-founders Tushar Mishra and Madhulika Mukherjee

The team also worked on a feature they call Delightcomply, which helps stores stay up to date on the latest CDC guidelines for businesses operating through the pandemic and automatically share compliance details with potential customers. A company could use Delightcomply to publicly outline the measures it is taking to protect employees / customers, for example, with the list automatically updated to show the status of each activity.

Delightree is currently working directly with each new customer to help them through initial setup, in particular to help affiliates adopt the standard operating procedures they receive directly from brand owners and turn them into Delightree workflows. They are still working out their exact pricing model, but claim that they charge on a per position basis per month with prices varying according to the size / complexity of the business. They have created a waiting list for anyone interested.

This $ 3 million round was funded by Accel Partners, Emergent Ventures, Brainstorm Ventures, Axilor Ventures and Alchemist. As part of the agreement, the emerging partner Anupam Rastogi has joined the Delightree board of directors.

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