Daily Authority: Energy concerns, supply concerns πŸ“‰

Daily Authority: Energy concerns, supply concerns πŸ“‰ 1

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πŸŒ„ good morning! German elections were held here at the weekend, and surprisingly, Berlin ran out of paper voting cards for a while because the Berlin Marathon was running with many road closures everywhere. Classic Berlin.

All new F 150

The 7.2 kilowatt Pro Power Onboard β„’ is available and has four 120 V 20 A sockets and one NEMA L14-30R 240 V 30 A output. The all-new F-150 has more exportable power than any full-size lightweight pickup truck, so you can use your truck as a mobile generator. It is available in three power levels, depending on the engine selected.

It may be too early, it may not be more than a slip, but China is facing a power shortage and it is not getting any better. There will be a crisis of publications like. called Bloomberg.

Why it matters:

  • As in most countries, energy rationing begins with large industrial consumers who are asked to reduce consumption when their energy supply is limited. The aluminum and cement industry is the first to experience suspensions, followed by other large manufacturers such as electronics.
  • From reading the reports, it’s easy to see why: in some northern provinces, which now require heat during the cold, residents are feeling the effects of being asked to limit heating and the use of appliances like microwaves, what Politicians usually do try to avoid riots.
  • According to reports, the problems affecting the global technology and automotive supply chain could worsen as key suppliers are forced to turn off electricity.

What’s up:

  • the Nikkei Asia and others report that several key Apple and Tesla suppliers have ceased production at some of their Chinese plants. This has not yet affected Foxconn’s huge contract manufacturing facilities in Longhua, Guanlan, Taiyuan and Zhengzhou, the world’s largest iPhone assembly facility, but the suppliers for them will be restricted:
  • Eson Precision Engineering, a subsidiary of Foxconn – the world’s largest iPhone assembler – and a key supplier of mechanical parts for Apple and Tesla, announced on Sunday that it will cease production Sunday through Friday at its facilities in the Chinese city of Kunshan Has.”
  • “Unimicron Technology, a major PCB manufacturer and major Apple supplier, said its subsidiaries in the Chinese cities of Suzhou and Kunshan in Jiangsu Province would also have to cease production from Sunday noon until the end of the month.”
  • The manufacturer of iPhone speaker components, Concraft Holding, also switched off according to a statement on the stock exchange.
  • Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm could also be affected, with “several major providers of chip packaging and test services” stopping production for days.

The energy problem:

  • Summing up why there is an energy crisis looks complicated.
  • Both coal and natural gas prices have become expensive in China and around the world.
  • Beijing is enforcing stricter emissions standards and the country “pledged” to cut energy intensity by 3% in 2021 to meet climate targets and “penalized” provinces for failing to comply with energy restrictions.
  • In addition, the Olympic Winter Games will take place in Beijing next February. The country is aiming for clear skies to avoid scenes where pollution is affecting the event and how the world sees China.
  • But things aren’t exactly looking good: other reports suggested Beijing is now asking food processors (like soybean grinders) are shut down.
  • Expect to hear more in the coming week.

πŸ†• There are some Galaxy S22 renders that follow @Onleaks’ S22 Ultra renders: the S22 Plus and the standard S22 which shows a design very similar to the Galaxy S21 (Android authority).

πŸ“‰ Huh: the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launch may have been canceled due to the chipset shortage (Android authority).

πŸ‘‰ Xiaomi Civi launched: a lightweight phone for the selfie enthusiast (Android authority).

πŸ“‚ This foldable display can be folded for reasons like origami (Android authority).

🍎 Apple’s new 120Hz refresh rate on the iPhone 13 Pro series has not worked in third-party apps and needs to be fixed, but speculation suggests that Apple is letting developers use certain APIs on its LTPO technology to avoid battery drain (9to5Mac).

🍏 There is also controversy that only Apple can replace broken iPhone 13 displays due to the fact that FaceID is disabled when third party bug fixes (9to5Mac).

βš–οΈ Google back in court to appeal 2018 EU Android antitrust case (AP).

πŸ›’ A look at the hectic dealmaking behind transatlantic instant food startups like Gorillas and Flink as investors see a classic land grab for the top position (FT, $).

πŸ“Ί The biggest news and trailers from Netflix‘s “Tudum” event (you know how the sound is): From The Witcher to Tiger King and by the way, Netflix’s big deal to buy the world of Roald Dahl for $ 700 million. Plus, Stranger Things season four has a new trailer, and it’s extremely scary (Gizmodo).

πŸš— Tesla drivers can now request beta tests for full self-driving, but you need to prove you are a good driver with a week of testing beforehand, such as: B. if you receive driver warnings or emergency braking (Engage). Here are People talking about their “safety” values (Twitter).

πŸ›Ά After failing to sail an autonomous data acquisition boat across the Atlantic, IBM tries again with its Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project (Washington Post).

πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ Interesting: “I went to Amazon’s high-tech hairdressing salon in London for a cut of 72 US dollars” (Insider).

πŸ—ΊοΈ MapBiomas: the software that tracks 35 years of deforestation in the Amazon (Reset to default).

πŸ”­ Hubble telescope helps find six β€œdead” galaxies from the early universe (Engage).

πŸŒ“ Could the moon actually fall to Earth, as the Moonfall trailer suggests? (Wired).

🌞 A funny question: β€œWhat were the theories about the nature of stars before we started to understand nuclear reactions?” (R / question science).

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