Daily Authority: Buds 2 hands-on 🎧

Samsung has had different levels of secrecy over the years. The initial crease was pretty well hidden; this year’s Fold, less, with a lot of details.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are likely to be at the lowest level of secrecy in the company: someone in Egypt just bought the Buds 2 and posted it on Twitter, while another channel opened a similar olive green version on YouTube, almost a week before it launched.

Despite it, to the buds 2 revelations:

  • The Buds 2 are positioned as an entry-level option, a step backwards compared to the Pro version.
  • Ahmed Qwaider in Egypt first released a short film Video on Twitter of an olive green couple, also with beautiful dramatic music.
  • Then, The Mobile Central, a channel from the United Arab Emirates on YouTube, showed a more classic unboxing video that went through the details.
  • In some ways, the leaks were already so good that Samsung didn’t do much damage: it will almost certainly be launching the Buds 2 next week, and there aren’t any obvious big tech changes it wants to hide from rivals – the last one Minute.
  • What we have is a square charging case, the Buds 2 itself, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, spare earplugs, and paperwork.
  • We see that they come with ANC with up to 20 hours of battery life and the case has a USB-C port. No word yet on the IP rating.
  • There are some brief discussions about sound and fit quality that basically boils down to this: They’re good. We are waiting for our old friends SoundGuys to give us an overview of the overall quality.
  • WinFuture reported that the Galaxy Buds 2 will cost € 150, around $ 149 in the US, but we’ll find out where Samsung is going to land these next week and how they could affect Galaxy Buds Pro prices and what are the main differences between them are the two are.

πŸ“Έ What to expect from the Google Pixel 6 cameras with all of their new hardware and customized algorithms (Android authority).

πŸ‘‰ Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is coming to the USA: All information about the starting price from 530 US dollars (Android authority).

πŸ₯½ Some PSVR 2 headset details emerged from a β€œprivate” developer conference and indicate hybrid games, better OLED display with 2,000 x 2,040 resolution per eye, wider field of view, flexible scaling, haptic feedback and more (Android authority).

πŸ“¦ Amazon takes action following a backlash after completely insane revelations that millions of unsold products have been destroyed: 130,000 a week. I’m not sure that this really solves a lot … (Android authority).

πŸ‘΄ Are you still rocking a Huawei phone? Harmony OS 2 is now available for 65 models (Android authority).

🧼 After years of waiting, a plumber-less countertop dishwasher comes on the market: Heatworks Tetra (Gizmodo).

πŸ“š Elon Musk says Walter Isaacson is writing his new biography, a follow-up to his official 2015 biography (CNET).

πŸ“ˆ Robinhood is a stinker now: it went up yesterday, then stopped, crashed and back. The reasons for this are more hypotheses, but also higher share price targets (TechCrunch).

πŸ’° Google+ class action pays $ 2.15 for data breach on Google+ (Ars-Technica).

β›” Facebook banned NYU researchers (and their personal accounts) yesterday in what sounded like blocking a scraper for privacy reasons. Good or? Well, Facebook’s reason for banning researchers doesn’t hold up (Wired).

β›… Microsoft paused the free Windows 365 cloud PC trials after “significant demand,” meaning the servers ran out … which was likely to be related to crypto? (The edge).

🏨 Disney has a Star Wars hotel. It costs $ 4,809 for two nights (The edge).

🐟 “How did the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal affect the local ecosystem in your area?” There is a name for it: Lessepsische Migration, named after the French diplomat who was significantly involved in the construction of the Suez Canal … (r / askscience)

I spoke to Derek, one of the Android authority Founder this week using webcams, of all things: his no-name webcam was playing and I insisted that the webcam technology is more than 25 years old, but couldn’t remember the story.

Here’s this story: The first internet camera broadcast was set up in a computer lab at the University of Cambridge, England, to see if a pot of coffee was full or not – the so-called Trojan Room coffee pot. The picture above is a recording from this stream, although the pot was unfortunately empty at the time!

Here is the summary that I mostly quote over Wikipedia:

  • The 128 Γ— 128px grayscale camera was connected to the local network of the laboratory via a video recording card.
  • Researcher Quentin Stafford-Fraser wrote the client software called XCoffee. His colleague Paul Jardetzky wrote the server program.
  • In 1993, web browsers were given the ability to display images, and it quickly became apparent that this would be an easier way of making the image available to users. In November of the same year, the camera was connected to the Internet and the live image (cl.cam.ac.uk) was made available via HTTP
  • As the first webcam, it became a popular landmark of the early web.


Tristan Rayner, Managing Editor.

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