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Cruise lays off 8% of workforce amid COVID-19

Cruise, GM’s self-driving car branch which also has support from the SoftBank Vision Fund, the automaker Honda and T. Rowe Price & Associates, today lay off nearly 8% of its workforce of over 1,800 members as it tries to cut costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The layoffs will affect employees of Cruise’s business, marketing and rideshare units, according to a note sent by Cruise CEO Dan Ammann and viewed by ProWellTech. Bloomberg was the first to report the cuts.


Employees who are made redundant will be offered severance pay and their healthcare benefits will be paid by the company later this year, according to the note.

Cruise spokesperson Milin Mehta confirmed the cuts.

“At this time of great change, we are fortunate to have a crystal clear mission and billions in the bank. The actions we have taken today reflect us doubling our engineering work and engineering talent,” Mehta said in an email statement.

Layoffs are part of a broader strategy outlined in the note to move resources to where they are needed most during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cruise is also closing his office in Pasadena, California, where he worked on the lidar. The lidar team will be transferred to the San Francisco office.

Even when layoffs occur, Cruise will continue to hire engineers, according to the memo.

The company “will continue to aggressively hire in the most critical areas of engineering, which means right now to double the senior leadership and senior IC roles to further support the improvement of the basic technical goal,” he wrote. Ammann in the memo. “From here we plan to recruit and grow among our engineering teams for the rest of the year.”

Cruises Self-Driving Car – The Future of Transportation

After decades of researching, developing, and marketing self-driving cars, many in the public are beginning to realize that such vehicles are indeed feasible, even inevitable. But until now, it was all just hypothetical. Now, we can think about how such a scenario will play out when the time comes when the technology is finally developed enough and the right combination of people and governments start looking into the possibility of putting self-driving cars on the road.

Of course, the major hurdles to going full steam ahead and implementing the cruise self-driving car on the road were already there, we only need to keep pushing them through. First, if you don’t already know about Cruise, here’s a quick introduction. Since its inception in 2020, the company has taken on a variety of customers, from the governments to insurance companies, to auto manufacturers. As its reputation has grown, the company has turned from a technology innovator into an automaker, turning into a significant player in the automobile industry.

Cruise self-driving car

The point of this article is not to brag, or boast, but rather to explain why the cruise self-driving car is just a few years away from the streets. You will find a number of new innovations that could make cruise self-driving cars the first cars capable of thinking for themselves. Not only that, but these cars also have one of the highest crash safety ratings on the market, which means that they are highly unlikely to be prone to accidents due to human error.

Cruise cars feature airbags

Nowadays, you can expect cruise self-driving cars to have all the latest technologies, from automatic floor closing to airbags, airbags that are under the seats and that can turn on their own. And though you may never have heard of airbags before, this may soon change. Cruise cars feature airbags, which roll out from the front of the car. Not only do they save the driver and passengers from catastrophic damage, but they also prevent the passengers from absorbing any of the fragments that might be thrown out by an accident.

Then, the cruise self-driving car can also communicate with other cars on the road using the internet. This will in effect improve safety for everyone on the road, as everyone will be able to be assisted in the event of an accident, should they suddenly hit each other. If the cruise self-driving car needs assistance or direction, all it has to do is to send an audio signal to the computer of the car in front of it, which will make all the drivers behind it aware of what is going on in the cruise car.


Finally, one of the great things about the cruise self-driving car is the sheer range of cost. It will be available at extremely low prices to those who can afford it, though the car’s technology will need to be upgraded by the minute to make it better and safer. It will be affordable to anyone who can afford a luxury vehicle, but you can expect the technology to increase over time and prices to go down.

In conclusion, the cruise self-driving car is here, and it is going to change our lifestyle. Once self-driving cars become a reality, you will no longer be able to rely on other people to drive you around town. You will be able to relax while sitting in your cruiser or enjoy a nice meal on your vacation cruise as you listen to your GPS instead of doing all the driving.

So, if you are worried about the safety of the roads, or about the pollution levels, or about the cost of owning a car, don’t. The best way to deal with these issues is to get a cruise self-driving car. Why wait any longer to see what all the hype is about?


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