Cool Face Painting Ideas For Both Girls And Boys

Cool Face Painting Ideas For Both Girls And Boys

Parenting is one of the difficult and challenging things people face in their lifetimes. There comes a phase in life when you have to be on the tip of your toe to be a fun parent, especially when there are special occasions in your children’s life. Whether it is a school event of a Halloween party, you need to make sure their entertainment interest are to be kept in best interest as kids are more sensitive and challenging in this phase of their life. Image by Face Painting Fun

Popular face painting ideas for kids

The body art of body painting is one of the fun and cool concepts hen kids can be dressed up in their cartoon character and get their face and body painting. When the face painting is done beautifully you don’t even need to focus much on the costume as the face speaks it all. Here are the few amazing and cool popular face painting ideas for kids.

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Kids are fragile and sensitive, so when it comes to girls they love their baby themes and princess dresses and they have a special inclination towards color pink. So when you go for a face painting make sure you incorporate the color pink in the face paint as they would totally love it. When it comes to the designs no one understands it better than mothers that butterflies and flowers are their favorite. Image by YouTube

More face painting ideas for kids

So use more of bright and neon colors to enhance the eyes and cheeks of your baby girl and make them look cuter with the use of funky colors and glitters and they love to sparkle. You can even change her face into a cute kitty or  a puppy using face paint that is easy to do and works every time. Using of abstracts are also very populate you can use the whole face or just highlights the features. You can also make a mask around your kid’s eyes with cool colors like pink, black, green and orange. You can also use Pictionary art on the face like a sunrise or a cupcake on the face or one of the most popular the Mickey and Minnie Disney approach.

When it comes to your baby boy it is easier to satisfy a boy than a girl, but it is not that easy a job because they are competitive too, so when it comes to the face painting for young boys here are some of the popular face painting ideas for kids. You can change the face of your body into a pirate or we can see our famous jack sparrow from pirates of the Caribbean.

Young boys are generally into skull, bones, military and bikes rather than butterflies ad flowers like girls so you can anyways go for a military print face with green and black and yes the superhero face never goes out of style see if your kid is in the mood for some superhero action like Spiderman Batman or dead pool. So go on try these amazing painting ideas on your kids as you don’t have to be a professional to fill in a little color in your kid’s life.

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