11 Best conversion optimization tools of 2017:

Conversion optimization tools:    A company’s conversion is essential for any organization to succeed. So most of the companies will try hard to convert their traffic into sales. From the past few years, this conversion rate has been a huge x-factor for all the businesses.

If you are in digital marketing field then you might hear this word “conversion rate optimization,” or you might know about the “conversion optimization tools” because these two terms are pretty familiar with Digital marketing field.

From the end of 2013, digital marketers started putting a lot of efforts to improve their conversion rates. You can even see many digital marketing experts who strive to concentrate mostly on the conversion rate optimization by leaving others tasks.

It just because conversion is everything to the businesses, so they mainly focused on the conversion other than SEO and SEM.

Is it confusing, Do you know about the conversion rate optimization?

If you don’t know about the conversion rate optimization, then don’t worry I am going to explain that in this topic.

Let’s know about the conversion rate optimization,

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Conversion rate optimization is a nothing but the system which helps you to increase the percentage of the visitors to a website. This system contributes to convert all your efforts into the traffic, and that traffic will be converted into sales and those sales into profits.

In some cases, you can get more traffic, and that traffic can be converted into the regular customer.

Here conversion mainly depends on the site owner. If a site owner wants to get any conversion, then that optimization of getting conversion is called as the conversion rate optimization.  Mostly conversion rate optimization is nothing but taking any desired action.

This conversion rate optimization places some significant role in any business, and it is way greater than any other search engine factor because conversion is primary for any business.

If conversion and sales aren’t coming, then that company might not survive a long run.

So most of the companies always strive to invest lots of time, efforts and money to improve their conversion rate optimization. They just wanted to improve their conversion to improve their business.

In most of the cases, companies spend thousands of dollars in promoting their products through various social media networks and also through other ways. Due that they can get an enormous amount of traffic, but the biggest problem for those companies is that massive traffic is not converted into desired action website owner wanted such as sales, subscriptions, etc.

This is the main issue for lots of companies, so they separately maintain a team to do conversion optimization.

You can see around you most the website owners, and digital marketers are also mainly focusing on the conversion rate optimization (CRO). To convert all their traffic into sales to give stay as a profitable company.

Survey About Conversion Optimization:

According to the survey of “trust radius on Conversion rate optimization” in 2016, 72% of enterprises have already implemented some Conversion rate optimization processes.

While the other few 18% of businesses are considering conversion Optimization as the first task, they should do. It is ahead of the mobile marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization as well.

Here conversion rate optimization is vital for any business so if you are a digital marketer then you should be aware of the conversion rate optimization.

Now, if you don’t know how to start conversion rate optimization then let’s see how to do it.

How can you get started with conversion rate optimization?

To get started with the conversion rate optimization you should invest a lot of time and efforts to gather data. Because in conversion rate optimization everything is linked up with the data. The more accurate you get the data that accurate you can get results.

Test your site

First test your web site using google analytics platform to know the site capacity. Also ensure web site speed test using google page speed test tool.

User testing level free tools available on Google Analytics & Search Console is enough on most of the cases. You can perform multivariate testing and optimizing for conversion.  Also, you can increase your website visitors.

Conversion Optimization Tools

Here to measure the data you should invest an enormous amount of time in conversion optimization tools. And through those tools, you should get some information you need to optimize your website.

The data taken by those tools can help you understand how people are going to engage with your site and how they recognize your site.

To get desired data you have to do research, and you should run some tests to find the best result for your site and then you have to implement them.

This is how you can get started with conversion rate optimization. Here you can’t expect to understand the customers without the right set of tools.

So here I am going to say about the best conversion optimization tools to find comprehensive data and also to improve yours site conversion.

Let’s the best list of conversion optimization tools in 2017


Best Conversion Optimization tools in 2017:

Here I am going to show you all the best conversion optimization tools. Most of you might be worrying about the cost factor. If you are the one who worries about cost factor, then you should be reading this list.

Because in this list I have included both free and premium tools and that premium tools also don’t cost too much. So you’ll love this conversion optimization tools list.

I have divided the conversion optimization tools to the different section for your convenience so that you can easily understand.

  • Website leads capture tools.
  • Research tools.
  • A/B testing and conversion tools.
  • Analytics tools.

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Website Lead Capture Tools:

Website lead capture tools will help you to attract more customers and lead towards your site, and these tools help to increase your CRO. These are the conversion optimization tools which helps to improve your content.  Along with most of the conversion-focused content will have the inbuilt call to action so that it makes easier to attract users.

  1. Sumo Me:

Sumome is a website lead capture tool which easily allows you to use the bunch of free and premium tools to help you to increase your site conversion rate. Free tools in sumome are used to bring lots of traffic to your site. It is a tool which very easy to use, and it also has the user-friendly interface.

It offers a “Smart Bar” this tool helps you to capture email subscribers. Along with this tool, it has welcome mate popup which is a call to action tool, and the custom contact triggers are formed. You can easily integrate this sumome tool with the Google analytics so that you can get crystal clear data. This is one of the best conversion optimization tools.


  1. Hello Bar:

Hello bar is an awesome tool to capture leads. This is a website lead capture tool which allows website owners to add a popup form on your site. It is a user-friendly tool which is very helpful to grow the email list. This Hello bar is also used to promote your social pages as well.

If you strive to use this tool, then you can get it for free because it has both free and premium version. If you can afford premium amount, then you can make use of the free tool.


Research tools:

Research tools are always helpful in conversion optimization. These tool helps you to know about the site details and statistics. If you research more about your site, then you can get more data, and from that, you can increase your conversion rate.

By using research tools, you can easily get information such as more shareable content and how to improve the content and how to compete with competitor and understanding competitors’ strategy, etc.


  1. Similar web:

The similar web is a useful tool which helps to grow your market share with its advanced and intelligence digital marketing platform. You can easily compare your competitor’s traffic along with your site’s traffic. Along with that, you can also get better insights of your site.

From this research tool, you can directly reveal all your competitor’s online strategies, and you can quickly discover some new opportunities such as partners, leads or affiliates.

This plugin helps you to identify emerging trends, and along with that, you can see the new and big players in the industry. So that, you can easily understand consumer intent.


  1. Buzz Sumo:

The best and favorite tool for many pro bloggers and digital marketers. This is a tool which having lots of features to look out and along with that researchers are pretty easy with this tool.

The interesting part of this tool is it shows all the content that gets shared and linked. Along with that, you can check your competitors trending articles and compare your traffic with them and so on.

This tool is the best tool to find the trending articles and highly shared articles. You can quickly filter the results with the options provided by the buzz sumo.

You see future trends and evergreen content in this tool. Here all you can also analyze what content performs well and which topic your competitor is targeting.

The other main feature in Buzz Sumo is you can find influencers who are keen to share quality content apart from that you can get their Twitter account details.

If you are trying to convert your traffic into sales or actions, then you have to use these optimizer tools. The other most important thing is you can easily get lots of influencers who support your content. This is one of the best conversion optimization tools I recommend to most of the bloggers.


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  1. Marketizator:

Many of you might not hear about this marketizator which is also called as the Omni convert.  This tool is one among the best research tools, and it also has some unique and impressive features.

The Marketizator is an award winning conversion rate optimizer. This tool helps to find out the behavior of the audience. It also allows you just to create behavior-based surveys to evaluate and monitor all visitor analytics quickly.


  1. Alexa:

I think I don’t have to say especially about Alexa because all the marketers well know it. Alexa has some great digital marketing tools which help you to engineer the growth, and you can also drive traffic and success with this research tools from Alexa.

This tool helps you to make the better decision, and it also helps to increase your website traffic. You can easily find your targeted competitors in and outs. Along with that, you can check the social shares across the multiple platforms.


A/B testing tools for CRO:

A/B testing tools are one of the most valuable tools for conversion rate optimization (CRO).  AB testing is nothing but the comparison between the two version of the site which means the comparison between A and B.

This process helps to find which is the best process to succeed with and also helps to find the top performing web pages. By the aid of these tools, you can only check the two web pages and its performance, and you can optimize them accordingly.

After testing, you can just go for one setting which is giving you best conversion rate. Now let’s see about the A/B testing tools

  1.  VWO:

VWO is a leading A/B tester which is used by thousands of users. It has some great features to test web pages quickly. You can split and multivariate two web pages to test.

The VWO helps to increase your conversion rate and sales of your business. This tool has some unique abilities to quickly convert all your headlines, forums and images to multiple sections. So that, you can test them for better results.

This VWO has real time tracking feature so that you can easily track all your signup pages and other data. Many pro bloggers use VWO, and it is a software which supports all kind of platforms it is very easy to install to set up. This tool is having a free 1-month trial, so you can judge this tool by using it.

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  1. Crazy Egg:

Crazy Egg is another great A/B testing tool. It is well-known for its heat map feature. This tool has a heat map feature which shows all the points where you customers are coming and at what stage they are leaving.

By using crazy egg tool, you can visualize where your visitors click at, and you can understand the engagement of the visitors with your site. This is a premium tool, but if you want to use this tool to test it, then you can make use of its free trial for one month.


  1. Unbounce:

Unbounce is another tool which helps you to do A/B testing pretty quickly. This tool helps you to build and test all the landing pages. The smart thing about this tool is it don’t require any coding and HTML experience.

This tool is a user-friendly tool, and you can quickly build the landing pages with its drag and drop editor. Here all you have to do is just drag and drop text, images, maps and videos as well. You can easily organize them in your landing pages.

Unbounce can easily be integrated with a broad range of tools like Hubspot, Aweber, Mail chimp, Zoho, etc. After integration and creating landing pages, all you have to do is just test the page performance until you get better results from your page.

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Analytics tools:

Analytics tools play a vital role in conversion rate optimization. These tool helps to discover the data and let you measure your site performance and visitors data etc.

These analytics tools are always useful to analyze data. The primary goal of any business analytics tool is to analyze data and extract the valuable information from the research. So analytics tools are very useful in conversion rate optimization.

1. Google Analytics:

You might already know about the Google analytics tool. It is a free and popular analytics for all the basic needs of a website.

It lets you measure your visitors’ behavior. Track their location and also say which queries are better and which pages are getting traffic, etc.

Simply google analytics tool one of the essential and fundamental tools for the conversion optimization. You can easily measure your advertising ROI. Along with that, you can track your video files and more from this google analytics.

2. Kiss metrics:

Kiss Metrics is one of the modern analytics tools which is used by many experts. Pro bloggers mainly use it because of its flexible data and user-friendly interface.

It is a sophisticated tool and it can easily be integrated with all kinds of email service providers. It also makes it easy to track and analyze your audience.

This tool helps you in emailing a particular outfit format to your audience. And you can even understand your customers by A/B testing your landing pages, and you can select the best one.



These are the conversion optimization tools. Conversion optimization is vital these days for any businesses. So it is better to try these conversion optimization tools for your blog or website soon. I hope you all liked this explanation and this article. If you have any queries, then you can comment us below.

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