Community star Joel McHale is obsessed with collecting wine and knives

Community star Joel McHale is obsessed with collecting wine and knives


Joel McHale is the first guest on CNET’s new interview podcast, I’m So Obsessed.

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It should come as no surprise that Joel McHale is a fun AF. He masters sarcasm masterfully from conversations, as if he were squeezing every last drop of juice out of an orange. McHale’s humor and Snark were my first guest on CNET’s new interview podcast “I’m So Obsessed”.

Like many people, I first became a McHale fan when he played student Jeff Winger Dan Harmon’s quirky comedy communityAs our conversation turned to the community, you can hear how much the show, its cast, and its creator Harmon mean to him now.

“I don’t watch much of it because the memories are almost so wonderfully painful and I look back on them with such fondness,” says McHale. “I knew Dan had this vision. The bones and world he created were included in that first script. I just said, ‘This guy knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s much smarter than me and he is much funnier than me and i will follow this guy. ‘”

McHale is a triple threat as an actor, comic and show host. During the Coronavirus pandemic, he teamed up with other community alums Ken Jeong records the podcast The Darkest Timeline. The May 18 episode included most of the community cast, including Donald Glover, and was recorded shortly after the group read a community episode to raise money for World Central Kitchen and Food at the forefront, Charities that provide food for first responders and vulnerable communities during the pandemic.

Then there was the viral Twitter and Instagram video of a shirtless McHale with Ikea animal print mats on his shoulders and a fake tattoo with the word Netflix under his belt. He was Promotion of an aftershow episode He was host to the Netflix documentary series Tiger King: murder, chaos and madnessthat dominated pop culture and social media in the early days of protection.

In our extensive conversation, McHale discusses everything from the Korean War to his child’s obsession Fourteen days and his knife collection. And he encourages me to complete some of the most epic interview topics I’ve ever had.

Listen to my entire conversation with McHale and Subscribe to I’m So Obsessed in your favorite podcast app. In each episode we meet an artist, actor, or creator to learn more about his work, career, and current obsession.

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