Check Out This Cool Track Featuring 45 Years of Apple Sounds

Apple kicked off Monday’s keynote with a brilliant music track (below) made up entirely of sounds from its diverse range of gadgets released since the company’s launch in 1976.

Created by artist-producer A.G. Cook (no relation to Apple boss Tim Cook, as far as we know), the 100-second composition will have Apple fans fizzing with joy as they try to match the sounds to gadgets released by the tech company over the past 45 years.

To add to the fun, Apple set the accompanying video inside a garage that’s clearly supposed to remind us of 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California, the childhood home of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and where, so the story goes, he and his buddy Steve Wozniak knocked together the very first Apple computer (actually Wozniak has since claimed that it didn’t happen quite like that).

Start Up, as the track is called, kicks off with the chime familiar to every owner of a Mac computer, and then slowly builds as other iconic sounds are added to the mix.

The nostalgia trip includes not only the sounds, but the actual gadgets, too, so have a listen and take a look and see how many you recognize.

To help you out, here’s the full list of sounds used in Start Up:

iMac G3 startup, MacBook Pro startup, AirPods case closing, iOS alert, HomePod minimum volume, iPod click wheel, Note alert, email whoosh, MagSafe charger, Night Owl ringtone, HomePod nope, HomePod PingPong, Mac 2020 alert, empty trash, message sent, message received, HomePod device identify, iPhone keyboard, Airdrop invite, Mac “sosumi” alert, Apple Pay

Apple’s Unleashed event took place on Monday, October 18. During the online presentation, the company announced a number of upgraded products, including the redesigned MacBook Pro (complete with notch!) powered by new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, and the third generation of its AirPods earbuds. It also added new color choices for the HomePod Mini, and announced a new Voice Plan for Apple Music, which combines Apple Music with Siri.

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