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How to Get People to Engage With You and Your Blog

This post is based on Episode 116 of the ProBlogger podcast. In the past few weeks, I’ve talked about the first three phases in which your readers were warmed up and turned into enthusiastic fans: And today I want to tell you all about the last step: commitment. Yes, it’s

How to Get First-Time Visitors Interested in Your Blog

Last week we talked about publicizing your blog so people could visit it. This week I want to talk about the next phase in which they are warmed up and turned into enthusiastic fans: to interest them when they do do Visit. All you have to do is check your

8 Google Shopping Ad Strategies That’ll Drive Sales

I love shopping online. In fact, it is online shopping nearly That’s the only way I shop. And I’m not alone. In 2019 there was 263 million digital buyers in the United States. This number is expected to increase by 2024 282.7 million online shoppers.

How to Get More Subscribers, Followers and Connections

In the past few weeks I’ve been talking about warming up your readers and making them enthusiastic fans. So far I’ve talked about getting your new blog out there and getting the first-time visitors interested in your blog and comments. This week I want to talk about how to connect

How to Warm Up Your Readers and Make Them Raving Fans

This post is based on Episode 112 of the ProBlogger podcast. Today I’m starting a series of blog posts to help you get your readers from the cold to you, your brand and your blog, get fully involved and become enthusiastic fans. I’ll talk about the benefits of warming up

The 150 Best Instagram Captions for Every Type of Post

If you’re something like me, it takes about four minutes to choose a filter for your Instagram photo and about four hours Decision for a caption. Worst of all, after a lot of creative effort and advice from friends, I’m usually barely able to write a title that says “Had

How to Get the Word out about Your New Blog

Last week I talked about the four phases of Warm up your readers and turn them into enthusiastic fans. Well, today I’m going to show you how to break through this first phase: the word about your blog. As a teenager, you may have thought about a boy or a

What It Is, and How to Overcome It

This post is based on Episode 121 of the ProBlogger podcast. Today I’m going to talk about Imposter Syndrome. Are you ever afraid of being found out soon? That it is only a matter of time before everyone realizes that you are not as smart as you thought, or that