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A Tour of My Home Live Streaming Studio

This year I tried to have live streaming Q&A sessions on the website ProBlogger Facebook page on a weekly basis. I have noticed that every time I go live I get more and more questions about my live video setup – whether it’s the camera I’m using, my lighting, the

The Key to Long-Term Traffic and Profit for Your Blog

This post is based on Episode 201 of the ProBlogger podcast. “How do you create content that goes viral?” I remember getting this question from a new blogger. They wanted a blog post to go viral because they thought it would suddenly shoot their blog traffic and benefit into the

The Pros and Cons of Having Multiple Blogs

This post is based on Episode 188 of the ProBlogger podcast As you probably know, I have two main blogs – ProBlogger and Digital Photography School. And I’m very happy to be in a position where I can devote all my time to either and still earn a full-time income.

10 Email Preview Tools For Different Inboxes

You know the expression “What you see is what you get”? When it comes to email marketing campaigns, this may not always be the case. Since everyone uses different email providers such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, emails can be displayed differently for different subscribers.