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How Many Companies Use Cloud Computing? [31+ Stats for 2020]

Has your website ever suffered from a cyberattack, resulting in the loss of critical data? Have you ever lost important files, software, or programs due to a hard drive crash at one point?  Are you looking for a solution that will also save you some cash? Look no further. Cloud

33 Customer Experience Statistics You Should Know In 2020

Customer experience (CX) has become the thing that drives business growth and increases business revenue in 2020. Customers today expect an excellent brand experience regardless of the channel used. Any business with unique customer service across all channels of communication can significantly improve brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, traffic, sales, and

21+ Web Browser Market Share Statistics and Facts [2020]

According to the web browser market share statistics, web browsers are part of what sparked the “internet boom” in the 90s. From Netscape Explorer, down to Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, and Chrome browser from Google, the web browser market has experienced fierce competition down the years with almost all competitors

How Many Cyber Attacks Happen Per Day? [2020 Stats and Facts]

Everyone connected to the internet is a target to hackers. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.  With this in mind, we have decided to bring you some of the most incredible cyber attack statistics in 2020 to give you an idea of how many cyber attacks per day are happening

27 Robotics Industry Statistics To Show You How Big It Is In 2020

What started as a simple design to help humans lift and carry heavy equipment has now developed into an advanced machine capable of thinking, learning, and performing countless activities without the help or guide of any human. The latest robotics industry statistics indicate that robots are slowly becoming a crucial

Does your Website Make the Grade in 2020?

Some time ago (like 12 years ago) we created the first website grader. The goal was simple: help everyone with a website to evaluate their effectiveness to attract an audience of interested and relevant buyers.

Finding out Why You’re Stuck

This post is based on Episode 83 of the ProBlogger podcast. This week I want to talk about the writer’s block. I will actually be talking about it in the next few weeks. It’s such a common problem for bloggers, and it can really mess up your plans for a

A Tour of My Home Live Streaming Studio

This year I tried to have live streaming Q&A sessions on the website ProBlogger Facebook page on a weekly basis. I have noticed that every time I go live I get more and more questions about my live video setup – whether it’s the camera I’m using, my lighting, the