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Best soundbars with Amazon Alexa in 2020

Although Amazon Alexa is the most popular voice assistant on the market and it seems that you cannot throw a stone without hitting devices equipped with Amazon Alexa, it has only been available in sound bars for just over a year. Sonos and Polk Audio were the first companies to

The best-sounding earbuds for 2020

It is now relatively easy to find a pair inexpensive real wireless earbuds that sounds pretty decent, and if you’re looking for it, we have a list of best cheap real wireless earbuds. Unfortunately, many of the best wireless headphones cost a lot per pair. And if sound quality is

Best charcoal grill to buy for 2020

If you’re looking for a way to cook outdoors, you may already have narrowed your search down to finding the best charcoal grill versus one Gas modelBecause the charcoal grills lack complexity and high-tech, they compete in terms of taste, ease of use and price. They’re easier to set up

iPhone SE outclasses all Android phones thanks to Apple’s A13 chip

John Kim / CNET By packing the big ones A13 chip in his little one iPhone SEApple has made its budget Smartphone a more convincing product at the right time for a Corona virusghostly world. Where most inexpensive phones cut costs by using lower price processors is the new one

Save today on the best National DNA Day 2020 deals

If you are waiting for the National Pizza Day, I have some bad news: it won’t roll around until next February. But today is the next best. Saturday, April 25th National DNA Day, which commemorates the work of James Watson, Francis Crick, Rosalind Franklin and others in the groundbreaking 1953

Best noise-canceling true wireless earbuds of 2020

Active noise cancellation (ANC) has long been the pinnacle of headphone technology. ANC headphones counteract electronic noise electronically – or “cancel” it by generating a mirror image sound wave in your ear. The technology works best in environments with persistent noise in the ear, such as the roar of a