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There is no escape from Borat

Is that Bob Belcher? Amazon Studios Welcome back to your guide to find out what’s new online. Every week we put together a podcast to let you know what has been added to services and how Netflix, Hulu and HBO max. The sound is about a minute or two long.

Alien civilizations could be eyeing Earth from these star systems

This illustration shows an earth-like exoplanet. NASA Ames / SETI Institute / JPL-Caltech Here on earth, where we focus on looking outside, we search the universe potentially habitable planets is outside of our solar system. But what if we reverse the search? What exoplanets out there might be looking for

2021 Ford Bronco reservation data reveals most popular models, options

Next spring cannot come soon enough. ford With the 2021 Ford Bronco configurator Now live, Ford has revealed a little more information on what Models and options soon-to-be Bronco owners selected. Mark Grueber, Ford’s US consumer marketing manager, spoke about the details in a Friday interview with Autoblog. As it

Best electric kettles to buy in 2020

Editors’ note, Oct. 16, 2020: The Cuisinart CPK-17 electric kettle has been removed from this list due to customer feedback and Amazon reviews stating that the auto shut-off feature is defective and poses a potential fire hazard. We have reached out to Cuisinart for comment. Electric kettles are underrated kitchen

Quibi: What is it? Why did it fail? And what comes next?

Chrissy’s Court, a courtroom reality show in the style of Judge Judy (but starring Chrissy Teigen), is one of Quibi’s launch titles.  Quibi Quibi, a mobile-first subscription video service in the US and Canada, launched in April after months of hype. It was yet another new streaming service vying for

Google was sued by the US government. Here’s what that means for you

Google argues that antitrust measures against the company are harming consumers. Angela Lang / CNET The US Department of Justice has beaten Google with a massive antitrust lawsuit, a one-off case that calls into question the company’s dominance in searches. This could ultimately affect how everyday consumers use their phones.

AT&T’s wireless business thrives amid pandemic

Rafael Henrique via Getty Images Despite the Coronavirus pandemicAT & T’s wireless business is thriving. In its earnings report for the third quarter on Thursday, the company reported strong growth in cellular and streaming video subscribers for the three-month period. The company exceeded analysts’ expectations with revenues of $ 42.3