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Listen to our midweek chat with USV’s Albert Wenger

Earlier this week TechCrunch caught up Union square ventures“(USV) Albert Wenger. Wenger, a managing partner of the venture capital firm, is well known on the New York startup scene. USV invested in former startups like Twitter, Twilio, Etsy and Cloudflare. TechCrunch hits a base with a number of investors during

Best car lease deals in April 2020

Best car lease deals in April 2020 Disoriented, isolated and generally uncomfortable, it’s a strange world in which we find ourselves. We are a whole planet of human beings without strings virus. And not to seem casual, but in the midst of all this tragedy and fear, some of us

Tesla’s furlough calls begin with delivery and sales taking a hit

You’re here Friday started making its sales and delivery staff available – less experienced workers bearing the brunt of the action – a few days after a company-wide email announced cuts salary and reductions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several employees, who work in sales and delivery and have spoken