Mobile and mobile updates

Apple search engine likely in development

According to a new report, there is multiple pieces of information that strongly suggest an Apple search engine is in the works. It is likely that Apple is doing this to reduce reliance on Google for web searches and other search functions. Google is currently in an antitrust investigation which

Resetting the bar for Wear OS smartwatches

There are few smartwatch makers that have shown more dedication to keeping Wear OS from falling into oblivion than Mobvoi, an AI company and creator of the TicWatch series of smartwatches. It’s therefore fitting that Mobvoi should be the first to debut a smartwatch powered by new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear

Is it worth the extra money?

Opinion from Dhruv Bhutani 2020 was an interesting year for OnePlus. The company has significantly expanded its traditionally small annual portfolio. The phones now range from premium flagships to flagship killers to budget phones. Despite the multitude of options, the constant improvements in the premium medium-sized segment have made one

Did LG get pricing right?

LG launched the Velvet 4G and Wing in India. The Wing starts at ~ $ 947 and goes on sale on November 9th. The Velvet 4G costs ~ $ 500 and will be available for purchase on October 30th. LG confirmed earlier this month that there will be an event

Samsung’s 2016 Galaxy S7 series just got September security patch

Samsung has released an update for the Galaxy S7 series. The update for the flagships 2016 simply brings the security patch from September 2020. Samsung announced earlier this year that it would roll out three generations of Android version updates to a wide variety of devices. Unfortunately, the oldest phones

Samsung and OnePlus should offer ‘Mini’ flagships

We are firmly in the age of large smartphones with large displays and there are not many compact device options for Android fans anymore. Yes, we now have devices with big screens and massive batteries, but some users just want a phone that is convenient to use. Even for Android

Bringing affordable 5G to everyone

Most of the 5G phones released over the course of the last year suffer from what some have termed the “5G tax.” In other words, they cost an absurd amount of money and at least some of that absurdity is being blamed on the presence of 5G. Adding 5G as

Huawei can buy displays made by Samsung now

Huawei can now buy displays from Samsung, according to a new report. The company was previously able to buy displays from BOE, so not much will change for day-to-day operations. This is the first piece of good news related to the Huawei ban in a while. The U.S. government’s ban