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Investors are keeping terms friendly — instead they say ‘no’ more often – TechCrunch

[Notadell’editore:vuoiottenerequestoriepilogosettimanalegratuitodellenotiziediProWellTechchelestartuppossonoutilizzare[Editor’snote:WanttogetthisfreeweeklyrecapofProWellTechnewsthatstartupscanuse[Notadell’editore:vuoiottenerequestoriepilogosettimanalegratuitodellenotiziediProWellTechchelestartuppossonoutilizzare[Editor’snote:WanttogetthisfreeweeklyrecapofProWellTechnewsthatstartupscanuseby email? Sign up here.] Multiple liquidation preferences, full-ratchet anti-dilution clauses and pay-to-play provisions are some of the words that still persecute startup founders who have survived recessions in the

AT&T CEO steps down – TechCrunch

AT&T is getting a new boss, Apple’s first piece and Google’s COVID-19 contact tracking program is expected to be available soon and Snap is looking to increase debt. Here is