Burning Body is Netflix’s latest foreign language hit show. Here’s why you should watch it

In case Squid Games hadn’t made it clear, Netflix isn’t reliant solely on its American programming. It’s truly an international streaming affair, as exemplified by the newfound success of Burning Body. This ripped-from-the-headlines Spanish original series has entered the top 10 most popular shows on Netflix with little advance fanfare. It’s loosely, and we mean very looselybased on a true crime story that gripped Spain in 2017 when the burnt body of a police officer was discovered in a car. And the trial that followed led to some very sordid revelations.

Úrsula Corberó stars in this miniseries as Rosa, and American fans may recognize her as the Baroness in Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Originsas well as her leading role as Silene Oliveira in Money Heist. Eva Llorach co-stars as Ester, with Quim Gutiérrez as Albert, Raúl Prieto as Manu, Isak Férriz as Javi, and José Manuel Poga as Pedro.

Now, it’s time to share three reasons why you should watch Burning Body and help it climb even higher on the Netflix charts.

Úrsula Corberó is a rising star

Úrsula Corberó in Burning Body.

Netflix really had a secret weapon with Úrsula Corberó, since she had already headlined the hit Money Heist series. Burning Body is once again another showcase for Corberó, and she shines in the leading role. The first episode in particular gives Corberó a lot to play with as it establishes her character, Rosa Peral, as a police officer who has withdrawn from her career over various issues. While Rosa has a loving dynamic with her daughter, Sofia (Guiomar Caiado), her relationships with the multiple men in her life are far more complicated.

After Rosa gets some perplexing texts from her current lover, Pedro Rodriguez (José Manuel Poga), his badly burned body is discovered shortly thereafter. It’s mesmerizing to watch Corberó play Rosa’s reactions, especially when it becomes clear that Rosa has plenty of secrets of her own that she is attempting to conceal from everyone.

Burning Body is one of Netflix’s sexiest shows

Úrsula Corberó in Burning Body.

Never say that sex doesn’t sell, because it really does. Another reason why Burning Body is getting so much heat is that it doesn’t shy away from the steamy aspects of the story. It really undersells it to say that Rosa has a complex romantic life because it seems like there’s no one who can really satisfy Rosa forever. So when her relationship with her ex, Javi (Isak Férriz), falters, she turns to Pedro for love in her life. And from there, Rosa starts another romantic relationship with Albert (Quim Gutiérrez).

One of the more complicating factors of Rosa’s affairs is that she and all three of the men in her life are in law enforcement. And sometimes, Rosa’s ex-lovers find that the easiest way to strike back at her is by leaking some of the intimate details of their affairs. This proves to be a major problem for Rosa, especially when her personal life becomes public knowledge.

The unraveling drama

Quim Gutiérrez and Úrsula Corberó in Burning Body.

The show doesn’t wait too long before revealing who killed Pedro. You’ll discover the answer to that by the end of the first episode. The remaining seven episodes help answer the questions about why Pedro was killed, and why his killer or killers went as far as they did by burning his body. It falls to Ester to untangle the twisted web of Rosa and her lovers before heading to court with a sensational trial that captures the lurid imagination of the public.

This show does have its fair share of legal and emotional melodrama, but it’s also strikingly filmed by directors Jorge Torregrossa and Laura Mañá. So this is no mere telenovela. Because of the nature of the source material, there will be no second season. However, viewers who watch this eight-episode miniseries will get a sense of closure from Burning Bodyand it’s a largely satisfying conclusion.

Watch Burning Body on Netflix.

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