Boost Mobile will be the first big carrier to offer healthcare as a subscriber perk

Doctor phone virtual health care

  • Boost Mobile offers health services to Unlimited Plus subscribers.
  • It is the first to make health a bonus option.
  • Starting this summer, you will receive virtual support from K Health.

Most phone plan rewards revolve around streaming services and freebies, but Boost Mobile is trying something unique: online doctor visits. The Dish-owned airline will soon be offering “free” virtual health services to Unlimited Plus subscribers. This makes it the first major telephone network to offer health care as a discount.

The bonus gives you 24/7 virtual assistance through the K Health app on your phone. You can chat with certified doctors, use an AI-based symptom reviewer, and even get prescriptions or personalized treatment plans. This is not going to replace your health insurance or family doctor, to be clear. Instead, it is meant to “address that [healthcare] share “and provide services to people who cannot always afford it, said Boost boss Stephen Stokols.

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The virtual health service will be officially launched in summer. Customers who don’t subscribe to Unlimited Plus can add K Health at a discounted rate of $ 7.99 per month.

There’s no doubt that Boost Mobile is using virtual health as a well-timed incentive. Many Americans are still concerned about their ability to afford health care as the COVID-19 pandemic (hopefully) subsides, and Boost, as a prepaid provider, may be uniquely positioned to help those who need it most. It is not certain that such a function will last. However, there is little doubt that this could be useful – and it could lead competing networks to offer more practical extras in the future.

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