Is Your Blog’s Design In Need Of a Tuneup?

Is Your Blog’s Design In Need Of a Tuneup?


It is very important to have the online presence in order to succeed. For online visibility you need a website. However, just having a website is not enough. You need the right website. Same goes for the blog. You may have best content in the world. But what if people are not noticing it? What if the visitors are instantly bouncing off?

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If you think you have done everything and still not getting the results, perhaps it is the time to tune up your blog site. World of internet is evolving pretty quickly. Only those who are able to keep up with the pace are able to succeed. Here are some signs that your blog’s design may actually require a tune up.


Your site is not responsive (aka mobile friendly)


  • One thing every blogger and website owner needs to know is that internet access trend is changing rapidly. More and more people now use their tabs and smartphones to access websites. So what does it change for you?


  • All the websites are not mobile friendly. If your blog is not properly accessible or readable on mobile consider losing lots of traffic. You will need to make it fit for the mobiles as well.


  • This is where the responsive design comes into picture. The responsive design makes the website fit for all screen sizes and resolutions. You can access these websites on all types of devices including PC, tab, smartphone, and even TV screens.


  • If your blog is not mobile friendly, you need to get it tuned up.


The primitive design


  • How would you like to drive a totally worn out, beat, 1940 model car? It will not be the best experience of your life. Imagine a visitor landing on your blog only to find that its design is from 1990s.


  • The website design trends have changed significantly. It only takes a moment for the user to realize whether the design is current or old. It is important to review the design of the website at least once in a year.


  • The designs today are not just catchy. They add more value to the visitors. The navigation, layout, and other elements are meant for better user experience.


Slow to load


  • Internet service providers are now providing high speed internet connections to the users. This is why even the users want the website that can match up to the speed. As far as website speed is concerned, people have become quite impatient.


  • If your website is slow to load, there is a need for a big time tune up. If any page of the website is taking more than a couple of seconds to load, you might lose the customers at a fast pace.


  • If you are too using too many graphics, flash animations, and other heavy elements that are bringing the speed down, lose them. Consult the modern designers and developers to know how to speed up the website.


  • Slow loading also increases the bounce rate, which is not a good thing from the SEO perspective.


Not SEO friendly


  • In spite of doing everything, if your site is still not getting the kind of traffic you expected perhaps you need to tune it up to make it more SEO friendly. On-page or on-site SEO is extremely important. Depending upon the design of your website, minor or major tweaks may be required.


  • First of all, review your content. Is it up to date? Is it engaging? Change the content if you need to.


  • What kind of fonts are you using? The blog content should be easy to read. The text colour you use also makes a great difference. So, consider all the aspects and then figure out if you need to change anything. If the content is not easy to read it will discourage the users, bounce rate will increase and the site will become less SEO friendly.


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