How to block spam calls on Android Phones:

How to Block Spam Calls on Android Phones?

Block Spam Calls: In this modern era, Smart Phones are most useful devices to stay in touch with your family and friends. But at the same time, these smartphones can be annoying with telemarketers and strangers spam calls.

Most of the people don’t like to welcome annoying telemarketer’s calls, and other spam calls on their Android device, and they want to block spam calls.

If you are one of them and wondering how to block spam calls on android phones?

Then don’t worry, here in this article I have clearly explained how to block spam calls on Android devices.

Firstly, there are different ways of blocking calls in android phones, and each method varies depending on the phone manufacturer. Although most of the phones bury their blocking features pretty deep in their settings, you can make use of them by following steps below.

If you are using old model phones which don’t have any blacklist features, then you should upgrade your mobile.

Luckily, these days there are many methods available to block spam calls on your android device. Now, before going into the topic how to block spam calls, let’s know about the types of spam calls you get on your mobile.

Block Spam Calls
Block Spam Calls

Most common Types of Spam calls:

To understand how to block spam calls topic, you should know about the types of spam calls. That’s why I have listed few common types of spam calls you get on Android devices.


Telemarketing calls:

Telemarketing calls are the most annoying calls for most of the people. In this type, real companies will call you regarding their company product. And they will compile you to purchase their product. Mobile networks companies and internet service providers love to use these types of spam calls. Just to keep their customers away from their competition.

 These types of telemarketing calls are most frequent spam calls on any android device. This is one of the most irritating spam calls for most of the people.



Robocalls are the other type of spam calls which irritates people. These kinds of calls are automated and prerecorded phone calls. Political campaigns, phone carries, real estate’s companies and more business use these robocalls.


Theft spam calls:

Theft spam calls are the most dangerous spam calls. In this type of scam people will get a call from unknown members pretending that they are bank officials or FBI or CIA members and they try to get your financial or other sensitive information from you.

I mentioned this scam as dangerous because these types of calls can loot your money and can use your information in other terrorist activities as well. So, you should be careful while answering these kinds of spam calls.

These days’ scammers are becoming smarter day by day, and they are targeting older adults who are new to the smart phone culture. Not only that these days they are even fooling educated people as well. So, you should be smart enough to protect yourself from these types of spam calls.

Now, you got an idea about types of spam calls?

Let’s see how you can protect yourself from these spam calls and how to block spam calls.


How to block spam calls on Android phones?

In this post, I am mentioning few methods which are handy in blocking spam calls. The methods which are saying in this article may slightly vary according to your android device version. I have covered almost all devices, If i missed any specific way for specific phones, then you can have a look at “XDA Developers Forum”.


Block Spam Calls with Apps:

If you want to block spam calls on android phones then blocking your calls with dedicated apps is the best way. Here, dedicated apps will have an extensive database of mobile numbers, and they know about the spam numbers.

Whenever you get a call from spam numbers listed on the database of the dedicated app, the App will notify you with a red colour message display on your mobile screen. In some apps, you can even send those types of spam calls to the voice mail as well.

There are numerous dedicated apps readily available in the play store for free, and some apps will have a little subscription fee.

Have a glance at the reliable third-party apps which helps you to block spam calls.

  • Should I Answer: Should I answer is a free and dedicated third-party app which helps you to block unwanted or unknown calls. This app is having the substantial number of spam database so it can find out spam calls easier than other apps.
  • True Caller: True caller is a popular app which helps you to find out the caller information. This app shows caller details and also notify you regarding spam calls.
  • Safest Call Blocker: Safest call blocker helps you block calls from unwanted numbers. You can make a list of blocked numbers.
  • Mr Number: Mr Number is another app which helps to block unwanted calls, and it will also show the area and country of the person who is calling you.
  • Call Control: Call Control is an automatic call blocker which blocks all the robocallers, and spam callers who are existing in their database.
  • Hiya: hiya is an app which identifies the caller by showing caller ID, and it can also block and protect your phone from unwanted telemarketer’s calls.


These are some of the dedicated third-party apps which help you to block spam calls. If you are US citizen, then you can use your phone carries apps to block unwanted calls. But, all these services are premium services which mean you have to pay them for blocking spam and unwanted calls. With this method, you can reduce your spam calls on your android device.


Block Spam calls manually on Android device:

Are you getting annoying calls from few numbers? Or are you getting harassed by few individuals or few company numbers on a regular basis? Then don’t hesitate to block their number. Here all you have to do is block their number manually on your android device.

To block those numbers all you have to do is open phone app and hover over to the number you want to block. Then long press on that number and tap on the “Block option”. That’s it, and it is that simple to block spam numbers manually.

  • If you are using Google pixel, then open your phone app and tap on the more options. This more options will be next to the microphone. Then select Settings —– Call blocking —- Add the number you want to block.


  • If you are using some Stock Android Mobiles means, hover over to the Settings —- Call —- Call rejection — Auto Reject call list —- Create your list. If you create the list on these settings means whenever the spam call comes from that number means it will be rejected.


  • Samsung users all you have to do is open phone app — Open “recent number” — hover over to the details — menu — block number.
  • If you are using Samsung Galaxy S9 means you can easily block spam calls. Just by tapping on settings and block number. HTC is also similar to the Samsung devices all you have to do is go to phone app – long press on number — block contact. That’s it.


This manual blocking process is an easy solution to block spam calls from few numbers. If you are getting tons of spam calls from different mobile numbers means this process won’t work for you. In that case, you have to opt for a dedicated Android app to block spam calls.


How to block spam calls and allow calls only from your contact list?

Want to block all spam calls and other calls from strangers then you can use this method. In this method, you can win the fight and eliminate all spam calls. You can do it, with powerful third-party apps such as call blocker & calls blacklist apps. In this method, all you have to do is download the app and install it.

After installing the app open that app and hover over to the settings tab. Then select “blocking option” and then tap on “Block all the numbers except my contacts”. By doing this, you can block all the other spam calls. When you get a call from different numbers which aren’t saved in your contacts your phone will not ring. You can see the notification of the call in your app.

Although this method is helpful but you might miss some crucial calls or urgent calls from your family members who are calling you from other numbers. If you really want to block all calls, then you can quickly use this method to block spam calls.


Blocking Spam calls by Registering on “” Site:

This is another helpful method to stay away from telemarketing calls. The Federal trade commission runs the website “” site. This Nation do not call registry site gives you the freedom to stop telemarketing calls. In this site, you can choose whether to receive annoying calls from telemarketing companies or not.

All telemarketing Companies will respect national do not call registry, and it will never call for the numbers which are registered in “Do Not Call Registry”.

By this method, you can only block telemarketing spam calls, but you might get few political survey calls and other theft calls as well. This process is only helpful to prohibit telemarketing calls.

  • To Get Register on National Do Not Call Registry all you have to do is Send SMS to 1909, or you can even call 1909.
  • If you want to send SMS means you have to type “START 0” to 1909.
  • Note: if you get an SMS reply stating that SMS is not recognised means try typing “START DND” and send to 1909.

If you want to stop telemarketing calls from specific category means “Enter the category number and send a message “STOP Number” to 1909.

Here are the category numbers of National Do Not Registry of India:

  1. Banking/financial/ credit cards/ Insurance.
  2. Real Estate.
  3. Education.
  4. Health.
  5. Consumer Goods and automobiles.
  6. Communication/Entertainment/IT/Broadcasting.
  7. Tourism and Leisure.

Send an SMS with the message STOP 2 to 1909 to stop real estate promotional offers. Similarly, Send STOP 3 to 1909 to stop Education promotional offers and so on.

To get more information you can visit or you can call 1-888-382-1222 for US Citizens if you are from India then you can visit www.ndnc.infrom your phone number.

If you are tired doing this process means, you can alternatively download “Do Not Disturb App”. This app is maintained by TRAI. You can download it from the “Google play store”, and you can set your own Do not disturb preferences in that app.


These are the best methods which are available to block spam calls on Android devices. I hope I have given you best ways to block spam calls on the Android device. Now, catch your phone and start implementing these methods to get rid of spam calls.


These methods which I have mentioned in “How to block spam calls on Android device” topic are tested and working methods. You can make use of these methods and stay away from most of the spam calls.

By using these methods you can get few spam calls from theft Scams. For that you have to be smart in tackling those spam calls. Never share your sensitive information with other through your mobile phone.

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  1. Hi Thiruventakam, great tutorial. I used Mr. Number and liked it. However the latest update removed the option to select block “not in My contacts” which was the best option available in this App in my opinion. MI phone users don’t need any call blocking App as it comes preloaded, only users can turn it on when they need. I feel truecaller consumes lot of battery juice but Mr. Number is light App and consumes less battery.


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