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On Thursday, we got a look at the print campaign Google is running for its upcoming flagship. Additional Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro billboards highlight how the design — especially the screens — between the smaller and larger models diverge. 

The latest billboards from photographer David Urbanke show off the phones in almost every color — there’s no black Pixel 6 Pro. When possible, Google is advertising the 6 and 6 Pro together, though the larger phone appears first — either on top or at the left. It remains interesting that Google is marketing these devices individually rather than as part of a family/line. Meanwhile, each billboard advertises a different feature in the upper-right corner of the phone: Google Lens, Maps, Chat, or Camera.  

These side-by-side shots help demonstrate how the Pixel 6 Pro’s 6.7-inch display is curved at the edges versus the flat 6.4-inch screen on the Pixel 6. The latter ends up having noticeably thicker bezels when looking at the device head-on, especially at the corners.

This effect is further highlighted by the regular 6 having black matte rails. In comparison, the Pro has a matching (black, silver, or gold) aluminum frame that helps distinguish the screen from the body, especially at the top and bottom.

Pixel 6 Pro billboard

Overall, the differences are minute, but serve as a continuation of how Pixel design has historically differed between sizes. While the original Pixel and Pixel 4 were visually identical across the regular and XL variants, the Pixel 2 and 3 drastically differed. In fairness, Google is not advertising the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro as the same device as the specs (camera lenses, refresh rate, etc.) have to differ.

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