Best travel apps: 5 must own travel apps for 2017

Best travel apps: 5 must own travel apps for 2017

Best travel apps: Whether you are looking for a place to visit or searching for your trip details, these must-own travel apps can enhance the quality of your journey. As you can see, there are lots of best apps for travel purpose around you.


You don’t need to visit travel agents in this modern era. Everything can be done with your smartphone by using powerful travel apps.

Tips clear have brought you the list of best travel apps for 2017. With these useful travel apps, you can quickly plan your trip without any hassle.

Best travel apps
Best travel apps

Five must own Best travel apps:

Sky Scanner:

Sky scanner has covered every need of the travelers. If you are searching for flights, hotels, rental cars, and trips, then you can quickly make use of the sky scanner app. This app helps to find out affordable travel partner for your journey.


This sky scanner is much like Google flights; here you can check the cheapest flying dates of the month in a month view calendar. Along with these, you can also get alerts when there is a decrease in flight prices. You can quickly explore “top deals” for your travel destination in this sky scanner app.

Google Trips:

Google trips are obviously one of the best travel apps. This app has made its name itself in the travel space with its advanced flight searchability. Google trips can help you to plan your next trip apart from that it can show you places to eat, things to do and even create a flight itinerary for you. This user-friendly app can do almost all necessary aspects of your travel.


When you create an itinerary based on a travel guide, google trips has an option to map out your full day or half-day itinerary for your desired destination. If you have any problem with that itinerary, then you can just use the “magic wand” feature and create a new one for you.

Guides by lonely planet:

The lonely planet is a guide app, which is available for free. You can just access this travel app to access guides to over 100 cities in the United States and around the globe. Whether you are travel to UK or US this guides by Lonely planet can really help you to plan a decent trip with its lovely suggestions and budget-friendly aspects.



If you are looking for the cheapest and budget-friendly flight tickets, then you should have this app. This app is most helpful for all the US and UK travelers.


You can get cheapest dates to fly to your destination with the month view calendar of the hopper.  Apart from that, the company claims that you can save up to 40% off on your next flight trip and this can be done by tracking billions of flights around the globe.


Most of the people are familiar with this travel app. This Airbnb is an app, which cuts hotels by offering cheapest price room for travelers.


This app recently added some new features such as trips, which offer people to choose places during their stay. You can definitely see lots of budget-friendly and more authentic room in any location with this helpful app.


These are the best travel ^( apps for 2017. I have given you popular travel sites of 2017, if you want to explore more best travel apps for 2017 then just wait for the part 2 of this best travel apps post. Meanwhile, you can comment your view in the comment section below.

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