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Best torrent sites: Top working torrent sites of 2017

Best torrent sites: People often search for their favourite movies, software’s, eBooks and more on the internet. Most of the people want to download their favorite stuff without purchasing. So, they often search in google about the “free software’s” “latest movies for free” and so on.

You can often see most of the searches like those because people are eager to get their favourites movies, software’s, eBooks, tutorials and almost all for free.


If you are the one who is curious about downloading your favourite movies?

Are you the one who is looking to download movies and software without purchasing them?

And Are you the one who is looking for the best sites to download your favourite stuff?

If you are the one who is in search of the above the questions, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Because you are at an ideal place to find out answers to all your questions. Along with that answers, I am going to say about the top and best, torrent sites which are working in 2017.

Best torrent sites
Best torrent sites

So, you don’t have to bother about any issues.

Firstly, if you are curious about downloading stuff, then you should know about the torrent sites because these are the sites which can get you lots of your favorites stuff for free. Torrents are widely popular throughout the world, and you can see millions of users using these websites daily to download their favorite thing.

Torrents sites can easily transfer large files over the internet using the P2P protocols. That’s why most of the significant data are easily downloadable in this torrent.

Now, after listening to this much about the torrent sites, few of you might think what torrent sites are?

I hope most all people know about the torrent sites. But if you are relatively new to torrent sites then don’t worry I am going to explain everything about torrents in this article.

What is a torrent?

Torrent is a famous word in this digital age. Each one of you might have heard this word before. If you didn’t listen to this word before then, you might not be a regular visitor of, internet. Now, let’s see what a torrent is?

Torrent is nothing but a file extension for a bit torrent file format which is used by the bit torrent clients. These torrents are the fast stream of data which helps you to download or upload files throughout the internet.

This torrent is a file sharing medium, and you can easily upload or download large or small files quickly with the help of torrents. You can download these files using the torrent client software such as uTorrent, bit spirit, Bit torrent, Deluge, and ilivid, etc.

Here torrent client software’s uses TCP as its primary data transport protocol. So, while you are downloading a file or uploading a file the data consisted of the file will just send to the TCP port and that allows the data traffic via the P2P trackers (Peer2Peer). This extension uses various UDP ports and directly provide with a link between the peers.

So, once the connection is paused or lost between the peers the peer. It will be stable because the download starts as a torrent. So, you don’t have to worry about the file transfer.

Here the torrent protocol is just described as the scattering and gathering. It is because of the file transfer protocol, and it works better. Rather than sending a download to each customer requesting the file.

The sender of the content sends it to one requesting client which is often known as the leech who in turn shares with other leeches who follow others, and it remains connected to seed the completed torrent to the other leeches.

Are you still confused about how torrent works?

Then let’s see,

How do torrents work?

As I already said about this above, torrents work on the peer two peer file sharing system. Here peer to peer is connected worldwide with over 300+ million users.  Generally, it works like this, if 20k people are downloading the same file, then at that time it doesn’t put a lot of stress on the central server.

It is because instead of each downloaded file this torrent process contributes upload bandwidth to other downloaders. So, this ensures that the torrent stathe is healthy and faster. This is the process of how torrents work.

I think now you get a clear view on how torrent works.

Now, most of you might have a shadow of doubt in your mind that way to download stuff from torrent sites.


Why should you use torrent sites to download other than a website or blog?

Most of you might think of this question it is just because people love to explore websites to download stuff. You can quickly go to a website, and you can download stuff from websites, but most of the sites won’t have all the things you need.

Along with that in most of the cases, you will get paid versions links to buy your favourite stuff whether it is a movie or eBooks or software’s and so on. Most of you the people might not be interested in buying their personal stuff. They just wanted to get that stuff for free, so they quickly hover over to the Google and just search for the free + their favourite stuff.

In most of the cases, people get some terrifying links which take the visitors to other pages where they only ask to complete a survey or other frustrating tasks quickly.

So to get rid of all these frustrating stuff you should use torrents sites to download the torrent file directly. That’s the best task about the torrent; here you don’t have to fill up all those surveys and other software’s add-ons, etc.

Torrent downloading process:

In torrent downloading process all you should do is download your favourite stuff torrent from the best torrent sites. And quickly download it through the bit torrent downloader. Here you don’t have to fill all the frustrating surveys or software add on’s. Here you don’t even have to download any other stuff in other than your favourite thing.

That’s why most of the people always love the best torrent t sites. Then you can see around you that most of the people just prefer torrent sites to download stuff. Here you can only search your favourite stuff in millions of files.

Here not all torrent sites are that useful in finding real and legitimate torrent files. In this digital world, most of the torrent sites are just filled out with spam and fake data.

So, here I came up with the fresh and working list of best torrent sites. This collection is the best collection of torrent sites. You can quickly use this best torrent sites to download your favourite stuff in single place for free.

Lots of people might think about the copyrighted content. If you are quickly thinking about the copyrighted material, then most of the people believe that torrent sites are considered as the home of copyright content.

But to be frank, torrent files and all the Bit Torrent network is not all about the promoting piracy. You can find many complete torrent files which don’t have content violating the government copyright laws.

Anyways, I think this won’t stop you from downloading your favourite stuff. So, let’s see the working and best torrent sites of 2017.

Top 15 Best torrent sites in 2017:

These are the top best torrent sites in 2017 to download your favorite stuff. You can easily make use of these sites to get your favorite movies, software’s, eBooks, music and more stuff for free.

The Pirate Bay:

Best For All categories of content.

The pirate bay is one of the oldest and largest torrent sites. You can quickly see and say that this is a massive site with millions of torrent files. is the first torrent file hosting sites in the world.

You can get almost everything from this big torrent sites. This is the best torrent site because it is having the highest amount of trusted torrent files. Although this site has the largest piracy icons behind the working of this site, but it gives a lot of latest stuff for free.

This pirate bay went down at the beginning of 2015, and most of the people thought it was out, but it has returned quickly by having a deal with the staff revolt. After this came online in few days, It has regained millions of users quickly. That’s the power of this best torrent site.

Pirate Bay is having everything within site. Here all you have to do is just hover over to and quickly search for your favourite stuff in the search bar and hit enter. That’s it you can simply find out lots of link to that torrent you are searching for. Then just select the best one by reading the description and more and download the torrent file.

That’s it; it is that simple with the torrent. Although this site used to stand at the 3rd place regularly but as the famous torrent site. Kat has gone down, so I am keeping this pirate bay site at the first best torrent site. Alexa rank for the pirate bay is presently 117 worldwide and 60 in the USA.

Extra Torrent.CC:

Best For: Torrents in all categories of content.

Extra Torrent is one of the oldest torrent sites. This site is often the busiest sites among all the best torrent sites. You can quickly get thousands of best torrents in this oldest and largest hosting torrent site.

This site is having easy navigation system so you can quickly get to your favourite section. You can access most of your categories with the help of the thumbnail based system. This process helps a lot of you to reach your favourite stuff right before searching.

Extra torrents sidebar is filled with the trending titles and best torrents which you have to glance at. Along with those you can also get all the new torrents in middle section of the torrent site.

This site continues to gain more and more traffic daily because it has been the most active torrent communities presently available in the best torrent sites. Extra torrents is also the home of popular ETRG and ETTV release groups.

Although this torrent is a much rushing torrent in these best torrent sites, It often also changes its domain changes several times it is just because this site is having a vast number of torrent links which are pointed towards the copyrighted content. That’s the main reason for the domain name changes, but this site stood still even after name changes.

This extra torrent is having almost all categories torrents so you can find nearly all your favourite torrents in this site. Its present Alexa worldwide ranking is 297 which is improving day by day.

If you are a movie, then you will often love this site. It is because this site will have all the latest English movie torrents. You can always find HD torrents and in 720p,1080p and 3D torrents in this site. Most of you might think this rising torrent as a legendary torrent Yify, but it is not original YTS or Yify torrents.

Until now this is the best place to get movie torrent on the internet. This site is a user-friendly site which loads quicker than most of the torrent sites. Along with that fast loading, this site has better navigation options.

You can quickly watch out the trending and most popular downloads of the week in the home section. Just below that section, you can download recent uploads of the site. This site is a famous place for almost all the movies lover who always strives to latest movies in High quality.

This also offers an easy and quick movie search with a secure site layout. If you are simply serious about the films and strive to watch only high-quality films, then the first and best option for you is

Presently is ranking at 304 positions in Alexa ranking, and it is jumping faster towards the 100th position.


Rarbg is one of the new torrent sites which has most of the high-quality torrents. This site was started in 2008, but at the beginning of the site, it is not having any traditional reach. But later on, when Rarbg came out as a Bulgarian tracker in 2015 it surprised most of the people.

Although this is a newcomer in this torrent sites, it has backup more visitors to its site. By uploading safe and high-quality torrents. The massive portion of this Rarbg is filled with good torrents.

So, people always do like to visit this site to download their favourite stuff. This site blocked by UK Intern service providers last year but you can access this site through the VPN.

Using Virtual private network can directly help you to access the RARBG. You don’t have to worry much about the access because downloading and accessing through VPN is quite common these days.

This Rarbg is popularly known for its movies torrent files. You can see lots and lots of movies and TV shows in this various torrent files. As the movie lovers and tv lovers are all over this world. People just love to access these sites to get their favourite shows and movies for free. That’s why I added this Rarbg in this best torrent sites list.


This website name might sound like a number, and most you might think to hear these figures. It is because the 1337x is a traditional site which is filled with lots and lots of torrents.

It is a community driven torrent sites which is having a thousand of people in its community. This torrent community came into existence in 2007 and from then onwards, it has been an enjoyable time in improving traffic.

You can see lots of torrent files in this 1337x, although this torrent site launched in 2007 it didn’t get a lot of viewers to its site at starting. After the destruction of the popular torrent search engine “Kick Ass Torrents” this torrent indexing site has some improve in reach.

Along with the improved traffic, it has also tasted the success from its millions of user’s registrations and more. This site started changing its shape and structure, and it improves a lot in many ways.

The 1337x site has kept its millions of users in its back just because this is a site which is regularly updated. You can see lots of new and fresh torrent files in this best torrent sites.  So, most of the people just love to stay with this site just because they are getting regular updates. That’s why I have listed this site in the list of best torrent sites.

As the time progresses most of the copyright content has increased in the 1337x houses, and so it has strictly prohibited few category uploads. Alexa rank of this 1337x is around 700, and it is quickly coming down day by day by increasing its traffic.

Torrent Project. SE:

Torrent is a search engine which is exactly the same as the torrentz. Most of you might know about the torrentz. It is because it is the world’s largest torrent search engine.

But now it has taken down for past few years. Even though this site was down, it has changed its domain but that domain is facing lots of security errors and much more. So in the space of torrentz this torrent is doing some wonders.

This torrent project does the same thing that a torrentz.Eu used to do. It just crawls all the other torrent websites like the torrent search engine. This site is a torrent search engine which shows all the torrents of different sites at a single place.

The torrent project has reached lots of milestones these days due to the heavy searching of best and top torrent sites. As people are searching for best torrent sites eagerly most of the people are checking this site.

That’s the reason why this site has massive ranking improvement these days. This site’s Alexa rank is used to in 4900s but in has reached 700s today. That’s the power of this amazing torrent sites. You can simply get almost all torrent files which are hosted in various locations in this single torrent search engine.

So, if you are thinking about to download your favourite stuff. Then you better make sure that you had checked this site. Because it shows cases millions of torrent files. Maybe your desired file can be found there in the torrent project. The reason, why I included this torrent in best torrent sites is it is trusted torrent search engine which is improving day by day.

Have you heard about this Eztv before? I think most of the tv and movie lovers might know about this site. It is just because this is the people favorite torrent site to get tv torrent and movie torrents.

This torrent is mainly for tv serial and episodes lovers because most of the best tv shows and serials and more events just come from the eztv.Ag itself. This is operated by the group of people who are good at maintaining a torrent site.

The team worked on this eztv has worked in other popular torrent sites like Kickass torrents,, etc. this group has just come up with their torrent website after the massive and popular online torrent site Kickass went down.

This is a very simple torrent site with the standard look. You don’t find any productive or professional touch in this website design, and it is also not that visually appealing website as the other websites. Along with that, this site has advertainments links which are mostly attached to the main options.

With all these weaknesses, still, this torrent site is going on greatly just because of its regular updates. This site is updated on a regular basis, and you can see lots of new content uploading to this site on a daily basis. I always believe that’s the main reason for this popularity of this torrent site.

This site stands at the Alexa rank of the 1500s, and it has improved its position and presently staying in mid-1500s. Due to the popularity and trusted torrents, I have listed this in the best torrent sites list.

Torrent downloads:

Torrent downloads is another site which gives you best and latest torrents for free. This is a fantastic place to get lots and lots of movie torrents, software torrents and almost all type of category torrents.

Torrent downloads is a site which is developing its ranking day by day. You can find some great torrent files for free on this site. It is free to use and it competitors with top most torrent sites and stood still in high ranking. You can see almost all types of content on this site.

The best and attractive part of this torrent site is its advanced search mechanism. This feature allows you to refine your searches quickly and more efficiently. You can just see all the new released stuff in this torrent download.Cc site. Along with these, you can quickly use the RSS feed subscription to get latest updates of this

Alexa rank of this torrent download is going on increasing day by day, and you can see lots of plus points in this torrent downloads. You can make use of this site to get latest and your favourite stuff for free. That’s why I included this in this list of best torrent sites.

Lime torrents:

Lime torrents is yet another beautiful torrent site with a lot of torrents. This site is having decent and attractive looks similar to the other popular torrent sites. Along with that look, this site is having the good navigation system and fast searching abilities.

This lime torrent has more than 3 million torrents in its database. Along with the 3 million torrent sites, it is growing massively after the ban of few other popular torrent sites. When site went down lime torrents has increased its users it is mainly because is always lime torrents links in the download section.

This site is updated on a regular basis, and it also offers an excellent quality of seeds and leeches. Along with that, you can find most of the torrents in this lime torrents are legal files. Here lime torrent has become a great alternative for both kickass torrent and

Finding new content is easy in lime torrents. With these things, it also has the safe content with the secure and secured database. If you are keen to try a torrent site, then you should try this site because it is best in getting runs.

Bit Snoop: is another largest online database for best torrent files. On all torrent sites, this is trusted and reliable torrent download site. This has the biggest torrent database online. It presently offers more than 18 million indexed torrent files. This is simply a massive count of the torrent files, and you can see that yourself.

As this is the oldest torrent site, it has uploaded lots and lots of torrents to its database. Although most of the torrent are having issues with spam content. But that doesn’t matter in this large database. It is because this database is having lots of reliable and secure torrents which came from secured torrent sites.

The best feature I love about this site is it presents the results with all the ratings and comments and reviews. As this site has ratings, comments, and reviews, you can quickly see what’s best and what’s worst torrent, you can choose best and trusted one. That’s the reason why I include this in this best torrent sites list.


This is all about the best torrent sites 2017. You can find these are the best torrents sites throughout the world to get your favourite stuff for free. So if you want to take advantage of these sites, then you can just make use of this active and best torrent sites list.

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