Best tips for starting a food blog in 2017

Best tips to start a food blog in 2017: Foodies have been starting all sorts of food blogs in recent time. These blogs are about all kinds of topics involving the amazing world of food. Some are about cooking all kinds of foods based on certain ingredients or particular dietary desires. Others are about restaurants and some of the many new foods that they are serving as well as trends in the industry.

It is no surprise that there is an extensive variety of food blogs out there today. Just search online, and you will find plenty of them.

You too can start food blogging. You can write about practically anything you want to when it comes to this vast topic. But how will your food blog start and how will you aim to make it more memorable and unique?

The fact is, it doesn’t have to be a challenge to start your own food blog. Many who have started blogging about food had their own ideas and visions beforehand and had been working on blogs that focus on what they love the most. They show a sense of enthusiasm for food and make what they want to say appealing to all.

This guide is dedicated to many starting a food blog tips that you can use for your own site. You can easily use these tips to help grow your blog regardless of what it might be about.

Starting a food blog:

Here I am going to say all the helpful tips in starting a food blog. These tips are helpful to start a food blog.

Figure Out Your Topic:

The first part of starting your food blog will entail figuring out the topic that you want to use. You have to use a subject that you feel confident in and think will be entertaining to a better number of readers.

You can do a few things when considering your topic:

  • Look into what you like the most about food. It could be a particular type of food or some experience relating to it.
  • Look and see if there is a good deal of competition for your blog. You might find it best to stick with a topic that is not covered all that much.
  • Think about the target audience that you will work with when getting your blog ready. You might consider a subject that targets a specific audience like people who have certain dietary needs or those who live in a local area. For instance, a blog could be about vegan cooking and would be geared for a vegan audience. It could be about restaurants in a particular metropolitan area and be targeted to those who live in this field.

Make sure you come up with a good topic that you will feel confident with. If you choose a topic you desire, then you can easily work on these blogs.

Create a Proper Setup:

The setup for your food blog is critical to its success. It needs to be set up with the following points in mind:

  • It must have a proper physical setup that is easy to use. You can use a WordPress or Blogger theme or even a Tumblr arrangement. Either way, you should look at how to use any blog format you are interested in being settling on an option.
  • A good looking URL can make a difference. It can come with a registered name or a template based on the blogging platform you are on. Either way, it must have a name that is relevant to whatever your blog will be about.
  • You have to look at how well you can get media files onto your blog too. You need to get plenty of video and photo footage on your blog so people can see what you’re talking about. This is critical given the in-depth and detailed nature of foods these days.

You can use a good setup for your blog to make it more inviting to people. It might also be easier to find on a search engine if you have a good arrangement with plenty of words relating to the topic you are interested in the most.

Don’t forget to watch for how you establish a relationship with a host for your blog. You will have a better blog if you have a host that is supportive and will provide you with the help needed for getting your blog to look and work its best. Be advised that some hosts might charge extra for using their services although the terms might vary based on where you go for it.

What Content Works Best?

The content that you will add to your food blog can come from a variety of sources. You can add information on the following:

  • Experiences at certain restaurants can help you to do work easily and along with that you can include that in your blog.
  • This is great if you are interested in a very particular type of food or you want to highlight eateries in one part of the country.
  • You can also talk about cooking and recipes. This is good if you have an interest in working with certain foods or you like a particular style.
  • Trends in the world of food can also be discussed. It is best if you have plenty of knowledge about the industry and can keep up on various viewpoints.

Whatever it is you want to talk about, you need to show that you have an active interest in whatever it is you want to discuss. You have to show a great sense of desire to talk about something. This is to keep you feeling interested in the work while also making people want to read what you have.

Keep Focusing on a topic can help:

After you figure out the content that you want to work with, you should be aiming to be as focused on that topic as possible. For instance, if you know lots of things about Italian food and cooking, you can devote your blog to that subject. Meanwhile, you could have a blog about new restaurants in your area if that is what you want to focus on the most.

Regardless of the topic, you have at hand, and you need to choose something that you know is worthwhile and exciting to you. This is to create a good setup that is perfect for your blog and will make a real difference.

Make sure you keep your focus on hand so that you will have a devoted audience. You need to show that you are very interested in the topic you want to discuss. You cannot afford to go off topic or else people will think you are not all that organized. Besides, there are plenty of people out there that would certainly be more interested in the topic you want to discuss. You will easily retain those readers if you simply think about how your focus will work.

Think About New Ideas:

The things that you post after you come up with a great topic are always worth considering. You need to come up with great topics that are worth discussing and writing about. This includes topics that are intriguing to your audience and show a keen interest in your subject matter.

For instance, you can always write about new recipes relating to your food subject of interest. You can talk about great ways for cooking based on things you like the most.

Here you could also talk about new ways of preparing foods. You might discuss how a certain kitchen gadget makes it easier for you to prepare some of the foods you like. Anything that introduces people to something of interest is always worthwhile.

Be Original:

You must make sure you are original when writing things. You don’t want just to be some person who blogs about other peoples’ recipes or opinions. Rather, you have to blog about things that you want to talk about in your own manner.

Be original and show off new things that you want to talk about. Coming up with original content is always tough, but there are plenty of things you can do to make it work:

  • Look through any recipes that you have come about over the years. Whether they are your own or ones that other family members have come up with, it always helps to share them with other people.
  • Talk about anything you like to do in your kitchen. Anything that is productive and makes it easier for you to make great foods should be discussed. This can give your readers some pointers on how to make great foods on their own.
  • You can write about your inspirations and what they have done for your interest in cooking and foods. Talking about people you have learned from and different eateries helps people see what influences your work. It might even encourage people to chart out the many things that you like to talk about.

Always Be Descriptive:

Being descriptive is important when talking about blog recipes or other things about foods. You must be willing to describe many points about foods you want to discuss in a carefully organized manner. This is to show that you clearly know all about whatever you have an interest in.

You should always describe the types of ingredients you want to use in your posts and specific processes for getting those foods ready. Anything that is descriptive and carefully organized and mentioned is always welcome.

When writing recipes, you should look to list them in steps. This is to keep everything organized so people can follow along with whatever you want to write about. The steps, in particular, should be accurate and carefully arranged so your readers will know whatever it is you want to talk about in your story. You can use as many steps in your description as you want. All that matters is that you are clearly descriptive and that you have plenty of details to discuss, so people will follow what you are saying.


Have Plenty of Multimedia Ready:

One big part of aiming to start food blogging should involve having enough multimedia on hand. Part of a food blog includes showing off the foods that you want to discuss. If you want to talk about recipes, you need to show on your site the processes and things required for getting those dishes ready.

You must have enough multimedia to show off on your blog. This is to highlight everything you want to discuss and to make it easier for people to see what you want to talk about.

Many points have to be explained when getting your multimedia plans ready:

  • Get enough pictures of your foods and other things for discussion ready. You can always get a camera to take pictures with. It should not be hard to get a digital camera ready so that you can send picture files to your computer.
  • Videos are good if you have a camera and enough support to make your videos professional. You might have to get a tripod or other item to keep your camera still when it is shooting you making foods. You should also get editing software ready, so you can edit your videos after you shoot them. This is to create more professional-looking videos when done right.
  • You could use media from other sources provided that everything is cited appropriately. You should have links to the pages that you get the media from and an explanation of whatever you are showing off. Depending on where you go, you might need to get permission from someone to get your multimedia up on your blog.

The multimedia on your page should also be of professional quality. You need explicit videos and photos that are properly lit and easy to see. They should be easy to spot regardless of the display that something will be visible on.

Be Interactive:

You can make your food blog more entertaining when you interact with others who have the same food-related interests. You should be interactive by doing a few things:

  • Ask readers questions about what they want to see on your site. This includes points on what types of recipes they might be interested in
  • Talk about what you do when preparing foods and invite readers to add details on what they like to do. They might inspire you regarding what you want to do next when making foods.
  • Give your readers the opportunity to ask about the inspirations behind your meals and let them share their inspirations. These will help you learn more about what people often do when making foods on their own.

The interactivity on your site will especially let people know that you are open to ideas. Keeping things open and accessible is always ideal for the development of your blog.

On a related note, you should add sharing buttons on your site through a plug-in or other feature on your blogging platform. Such things can help people share your content through blogs, social networks, and many other places. This can help you get the word out about anything you want to discuss. This also creates an open environment where people are willing to talk about what they might be interested in the most. When chosen correctly, you will find that it is not too hard to get people to share what you have with others.

Submit Recipes to Other Sites:

When you get your recipes added onto your foods blog, you need to do more than just place them there. You have to get your ingredients added onto other sites as well.

By posting your recipes on other sites, you will show yourself as more of authority on your subject matter of interest. You can even get links to your website added through the postings you make.

There are many places that you can add your recipes onto. Bloggers often use places like Tastespotting and Foodgawker among many others when showing off their recipes. These sites have a variety of categories dedicated to many types of foods. The odds are you can get your foods of interest onto such a site.

Have Fun:

The last tip for starting a  food blog is to have fun when doing so. There might be times when you struggle to come up with a new recipe or when you want to offer new views. However, that doesn’t mean you should see running a blog as a chore. Rather, you should see it as an experience where you can learn more about what you like.

When you write, you should show a sense of fun and enthusiasm for whatever you want to write about. When you do this, you will show that you have a real interest and investment in whatever you like to discuss the most.

You will love working on your food blog when you know how to do it right. Good luck in your efforts with getting a fantastic food blog ready. You will see that your blog will be more entertaining when you work on it hard enough and do the most for making it stand out.


This is all about the starting a food blog. I hope you all like this starting a food blog post. If you have any doubts in this article, then you can leave a comment.

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