Best Security Apps for Android

10 Best Security Apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus apps:

Best Security Apps for Android: Do you want to install the best security apps for Android that dont act like Antivirus apps? Then you have come to the right place. In this post, I’ll let you know about the 10 best security apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus apps.

In general, whenever we think about the security apps, we often get Antivirus app suggestions. This obviously frustrates some people because they are looking for security apps that aren’t Antivirus apps. Antivirus, malware protection features include android malware, ad free, anti phishing and android malware are must have one.

Usually, after searching for a couple of times, people will give up searching and install those Anti-virus or Anti-malware apps, thinking that they are security apps. But, security apps are different, they help you to safeguard your phone with their special features.

You’ll learn about those tons of apps that help you boost your security without Antivirus apps. All the apps are listed on this post are easy to download and has a good user interface. So, let’s jump into the list of 10 best security apps for Android, which aren’t Antivirus apps.

Best Security Apps for Android
Best Security Apps for Android image

We have included all types of security apps which can help you to improve your security and ensure you always stay ahead of others. These kinds of antivirus software and antivirus protection can protect your mobile phones. You can download all through google play store

Let’s check out the list of best security apps for Android which isn’t Antivirus Apps:

10 Best Security Apps for Android:

We have worked on the filtering process of Apps and got the list of 10 best security apps for Android, which aren’t antivirus apps. So, use them to be more protected from all the threats.


Google’s Find My Device App:

When i often think about the security apps, Google’s find my device is always my first choice. I’m having a few good reasons for those; it helps to find your device whenever you lost the device. 

In case you lost your mobile means this App helps you to locate the location of your Android device, and you can even lock it until you get the device back.

That’s why this is definitely the best security apps for Android you should consider if you want to stay protected. Previously, Google finds my device is called an Android device manager, but later on, it has changed its name. But, it does the same things which the Android device manager can do. 

Along with that, it can even stop the intruders from accessing your phone by locking your phone. You can also sound the alarm or play sounds to find your device in a large crowd. If at all, you can’t retrieve the phone means you can quickly erase all your data which is saved on the device.

As this App is a free security app, I want all of you to use that because it can help you when your device is missing. This is one of the best security apps for Android, which aren’t antivirus apps in this list.


  • Google’s find my device can identify your phone, tablet, or watch location and show it on the map.
  • You can trace the current location of your lost phone; if not, it can show the last known location.
  • With this App, you can use indoor maps feature to help you find your device in the airport, mall, and other places.
  • Quickly navigate your device with the help of google maps.
  • Play sounds at full volume to track the phone even when it’s in silent mode.
  • You can erase all the sensitive data if you can’t get the phone.
  • Lockdown your device with ease.


Applock from Do Mobile Labs:

We all know the importance of App locks, isn’t it? App locks are always vital to secure our data. Now, with this Applock, you can lock down all your apps and keep your information secure from others.

This Applock is one of the popular apps which has millions of downloads mainly because of its robust lock. With the help of Applock, you can lock all your apps and case sensitive information with these useful apps.

Although this App has some issues which can be tricked by expert hackers, it’s helpful for users to keep their phones away from adults, nontechies, friends, and kids. This App has both premium and free versions. The free version is more than enough for users so that you can use a free version.


  • Quickly lock apps with password, pin, fingerprint, and other lock patterns.
  • You can log in with multiple accounts.
  • Take selfies of intruders who are trying to access your phone.
  • Hide pictures and videos in the secured vault.
  • Set different app backgrounds you like.
  • Hide Applock from your phone to be undetected.

Firefox Focus:

Do you want to browse securely without getting detected or leaving any trace of your browsing? Then you can use the firefox focus app. This is one of the best security apps for Android, which aren’t antivirus apps. Firefox focus is beneficial in our day to day life as it helps you to browse securely. 

This particular App will don’t even log your activities for a longer period. Users can quickly delete them at any time. It’s a handy application for all the people who are striving to maintain their privacy.

The focus app will also remove the trackers, which usually track your data for advertising. This is a firefox app that has no premium plans, and you will not find ads as well. You can use this useful App to browse the internet safely. 


  • You will be protected with your browsing activities.
  • These browsers will not record log activities for a longer period.
  • You can remove trackers and advertisements.
  • Delete your history with ease at any movement. 

LastPass Password Manager:

I think i don’t have to say about the password managers? Because almost all people know about password managers. Here the problem is most of them know about these apps, but they dont use them. If you are one of them, then you should definitely use a password manager to safeguard all your passwords.

In general, we all will have lots of social media accounts with use. Some people always keep the same password for every account, and this might make them an easy threat. If one account were hacked, all your accounts would be compromised. So, it’s always best to use different passwords for different accounts. As you cant remember all the passwords, so you can take the help of a password manager and just remember one master password. 

The LastPass password manager for Android comes with advanced features and secure encryption, so your passwords will be safe. You can easily protect your passwords and sensitive information in your LastPass password manager effectively.

The free version of this App is more than enough for normal users. If you want to use more features, then you have to use the LastPass Authenticator feature.


  • LastPass password manager helps you save all your passwords at a single place.
  • It has a secured encrypted vault that safeguards all your sensitive data.
  • This App can save usernames and passwords with ease.
  • It can also sync with other devices as well.

Proton VPN:

VPNs are always crucial for your security. So, it’s still better to use a VPN on your phone to stay protected from hackers who strive to trace your location. If you are eagerly searching for the best security apps for Android, which aren’t antivirus apps? This means you will have to check out this VPN. 

I’ll recommend proton VPN because of its one of the popular VPN services in the world, which is having a broader community and active user base. This Proton VPN service is developed by the world’s largest encrypted email service, Proton Mail. Proton VPN is better in terms of everything, with this VPN, you can keep your IP address private, and you can even safeguard your internet connection on all the public wifi connections you generall use.

Usually, Proton VPN helps you to stay protected in Public networks. Along with that, you can access Geo-Restricted Content along with Proton VPN. This has an unlimited browsing option via its three secured servers. Along with these, you will also have no sharing policy, strict no-logging policy, and network encryption features.

Proton VPN has both free and premium versions. Premium version will have lots of advanced features, but for regular users, a free version is good enough. Still, for organizations or another group of businesspeople, the free version is not your cup of tea. 


  • Porton VPN will never share logs of user activity with third parties.
  • With proton VPN, you can quickly access Geo-Location Pages.
  • Free users can access three secured servers of Proton VPN.
  • Porton VPN has encrypted traffic and secured no sharing policy.

Glass Wire Data Usage Monitor:

Glass wire data usage monitor is another best security apps for Android. Usually, monitoring your mobile data usage is always useful to safeguard excessive data usage. Now, monitoring data usage has been pretty easy with Glass wire. This App helps users to monitor both wifi and mobile data usage with ease.

With this App, you can also monitor why your apps are slowing down? Whether your internet connection is stable or not? And so on to get a decent idea of your device condition. This one of the latest security app which lets you know all the data for your device. 

Whenever you open this App, you will see the live graph that shows how much all your apps are eating up your data. Apart from that, you will get live alerts to know which App is quickly drinking your data. This one of the modern-day security app which helps you to monitor your data pack quickly.


  • Glasswire helps you to keep track of your data pack.
  • You can monitor your data usage and set data limits to your device.
  • Quickly check out real-time graph about which apps are consuming more data. 
  • You can protect your privacy and reveal all the suspicious app activities with this Glasswire App.

Resilio Sync:

Sync apps are always vital in this modern world. If you are striving to use the best security apps, you have to use this Resilio Sync app. This is one of the Apps which helps you to transfer your files directly from one device to another securely.

Resilio Sync is one of the most potent android security tools, which especially helps to create your own private cloud. With the help of this App, you can connect your devices and sync your files safely in between Mac, PC, NAS, and other servers as well.

If you are striving to use your Resilio Sync app on your mobile? Then you can access the files from your laptop or computer with ease. Resilio Sync will encrypt all your files during transfer, and it safeguards your information. It will never share your data with others, so your data will be in safe hands.

If you are a person who dont believes in Cloud storage? Then you can use this tool to safeguard your files and access them from anywhere. Moreover, this App is free to use and has a decent user interface


  • Quickly transfer files from one device to another effortlessly.
  • Sync all your files through all your devices.
  • Safely access your files without the involvement of third parties.

And OTP:

AndOTP is one of the best security apps for Android which aren’t Antivirus apps. This is a two-factor authentication app that has some best features. Although it’s a newer player in the security niche, but it has proved its potential by its robust two-factor authentication. 

It is an open-source tool that has the support of the TOTP protocol. And OTP is a free app that has some of the best user interfaces. With this AndOTP App, you can use features like multiple backup options, dark mode, two-factor authentication, and so on.


  • ANDOTP is a free and open-source tool that has minimal permissions.
  • Its two-factor authentication is one of the best features.
  • You can find encrypted backup storage. 
  • In this App, you will find multiple backup options.

Signal Private Messaging App:

A signal Private messaging App can be considered as the best security app. I’m mentioning this App mainly because it has the best encryption. Millions of people are already using messaging apps such as telegram, whatsapp, and so on for different levels of encryptions.

If you are interested in using the special App which has robust encryption, which is highly undetected for others? Then you have to use a signal private messaging App. This individual App helps you to do all the stuff that you get in the whatsapp and telegram, but this App has high-level encryption. With the help of this App, you can quickly send or receive video calls, high-quality messages, and so on.

This particular App has an Advanced Privacy-Preserving feature, which will help you to focus on quickly sharing all the movements which matter most with close friends. 


  • Best and secured Encryption with End to End protection.
  • The fast and more secured network which delivers your message privately and quickly.
  • This App is having no ads and no trackers so you can genuinely enjoy your privacy.

Orbot Tor:

If you are curious to find out the exclusive App, which can help you stay securely? Then you have to use this Orbot Tor app. This is a free proxy app, and this comes from the Orbot browser. It’s mainly used to empower other apps and use the internet in a controlled way. 

If you give value to your privacy on the internet? Then you have to check out this Orbot Tor app. This App will encrypt users’ internet traffic and will hide their identity just by bouncing through the series of computers. No can really, detect your trace if you use Orbot tor app. So, if you want to be undetected and secured on the internet, then try to use apps like orbot tor.

It’s open-source software that is free to use, and it helps you defend against all the cyber threats.


  • Be undetected while browsing the internet on your Android Device with Orbot Tor project.
  • This App encrypts your traffic and hides your identity. 
  • It has a unique private web surfing option, which helps you to access all the blocked sites easily.
  • You can also find a private chat messaging option in this App

This is all about the 10 Best security apps for Android that aren’t antivirus apps. If you want to check out more links, then make sure you have a look at this post frequently because I will be updating this post every week – or monthly basis. 

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is an application that offers mobile antivirus and internet security. It is the latest version of Kaspersky Antivirus for the PC which comes with unique features of its own and a lot of great benefits in terms of security and privacy. It also has many unique characteristics that most other antivirus programs lack, such as screen-lock, handy spyware remover, and a wealth of settings that one can customize to personal needs.

Some of the features that make this an even better mobile version are: optional scanning via Bluetooth, device-free boot, and numerous options to enable or disable applications. There are also several features which are only available on this app for more convenience: high-resolution images, link view, quick links, AppSync, and the ability to sync your device and data between your computer and phone at all times.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security has been around since the year 2020. This application allows you to view your child’s location on their cell phone, send them a secret message, and even change their wallpaper. That’s right, you can set up your child to receive an SMS message from any number that you choose. This application is extremely easy to use and really gives you a great deal of control over the way that your child will be communicating with you and their friends. There are many other benefits that you can obtain by using this application, the best thing about this application is that it is completely free. In addition to this the application can also be used for free when on the internet.

McAfee Mobile Security

With McAfee Mobile Security, you can safeguard your PC from a variety of threats. You can protect your data, websites, and even your personal belongings from theft and security breaches. Mobile is a great way to protect your laptop or computer from intruders that may try to break in. The benefits of protecting your computer from attacks can be many, including reduced costs and time spent dealing with the problems that are caused by having to re-install and reinstall all of your applications, changes that are made on your computer, and much more.

The ease of installing McAfee Mobile Security gives you a fast way to protect your personal computers. You don’t have to worry about configuring settings or installing software; everything is done for you automatically. This eliminates any fear of being confused or getting lost in the configuration process.

Mobile Security

Mobile Security works in the background without the need to make changes to your internet explorer. You can use your computer the way it was intended to be used, protecting it from threats from external threats and installing programs as they come along. It is important to note that this will not stop hackers from stealing your information or your computer. They still need your passwords to login into your accounts, and your passwords can still be stolen if you have accounts on other people’s computers that are also protected by McAfee Mobile Security. But you will have better security in general, making your work and your life easier and more comfortable. It’s time to secure your computer against threats. McAfee Mobile Security is the answer.

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