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Prime Day 2021 is almost here! The biggest deals kick off next week, with Prime Day 2021 set to run throughout June 21 and June 22. Unsurprisingly, we’re expecting to see plenty of big Prime Day tablet deals, so if you’re looking to buy the latest iPad or snap up an Android tablet, Prime Day is likely to have big offers going on. Read on as we explain all about what to expect from the Prime Day tablet sales so you can get the best bang for your buck.

But before you set your alarms for Monday and shuffle back into hibernation, keep in mind some deals have already begun. A number of big deals always start before Prime Day, and this year is no different. Check below to see some of the biggest deals already available today.

What Prime Day tablet deals to expect

It wouldn’t be a Prime Day sale without seeing big discounts on Apple’s iPad range so we’d definitely expect to see sales on the iPad, iPad Pro, and the iPad Mini. It’s also very likely that the Microsoft Surface will be discounted at some point as part of the Prime Day tablet deals, along with price cuts for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range. As this is an Amazon sales event, you’ll also see discounts on Amazon Kindle tablets too if you’re specifically looking for an e-reader rather than an all-around tablet.

Simply put, whatever type of tablet you’re looking for and whatever your budget, there’s going to be a discount for you here somewhere. Tablets are always in high-demand during sales.

What Prime Day tablet deals we saw last year

Last year, we saw great Prime Day tablet sales on a wide range of different tablets. This included $50 off the Apple iPad Pro range and the iPad Mini, as well as a big reduction on the budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy Tab A, bringing it down to just $100.

For those looking for something a bit more middle-ranged, Prime Day tablet deals also extended to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite bring it down to just $250 which was a great way of enjoying more for less. It is fairly likely we’ll see similar offers again during Prime Day 2021 with Samsung and Apple continuing to be the favorite options for anyone seeking out a new tablet.

Should you buy a new tablet on Prime Day?

As always, if you need one, buy it. Where things get trickier is if you’re tempted by a new purchase. Generally, Black Friday is a slightly better sales period but that means waiting a few extra months to get a cool new tablet. The discount might not be that different so if you’re keen to treat yourself, snap up a new tablet now.

When it comes to Prime Day tablet sales, it’s a smart move to do your research beforehand. Check out our look at the best tablets before you commit to anything and make sure you know what your budget is (and stick to it!). That way, you’ll be sure of the perfect tablet for you and at a great price too.

The best tablet deals happening now

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