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Today is Prime Day! Improve your home’s security and obtain peace of mind by taking advantage of this year’s Prime Day Ring doorbell deals, which will let you buy high-quality video doorbells with helpful features at lower than usual prices. Shoppers always look forward to Prime Day deals to improve their smart home setup, for the convenience and protection of their family members. With Ring video doorbells, you’ll not only enjoy the convenience of a smart home device on your front door, but you’ll also gain a helping hand in keeping your family safe. There are different kinds of Ring video doorbells, but whichever model you end up buying, you’re sure that you’re getting a device that will beef up your home’s security as soon as it is in place. It’s easy to install them, and even easier to use, so everyone in the family can maximize the Ring video doorbell for their own protection, as well as for all the people inside the home.

After you check out your purchases from Prime Day Ring doorbell sales, you might want to make your home even smarter with Prime Day smart home deals, which include other Prime Day smart doorbell deals.  There are many other kinds of smart home devices, each serving different purposes to collectively make life easier for you and your family. Make the most out of Prime Day with this year’s Prime Day Amazon device deals, which includes Prime Day Amazon Echo deals for the popular Alexa-powered speakers and displays. You might also want to check out Prime Day Nest thermostat deals, Prime Day Philips Hue deals, and Prime Day home security camera deals.

Best Prime Day Ring doorbell deals

You can’t place a price on your family’s safety, but Prime Day Ring doorbell deals will make sure that the money you spend on home security will go a long way. Ring video doorbells are premium products that not all families can afford, but if you’re willing to take time to browse Amazon’s offers for this year’s Prime Day, you might be able to score huge discounts so that you can finally equip your front door with these in-demand video doorbells. If you’ve got the budget for them, there’s no reason to install a video doorbell in your home, and Ring doorbells are arguably the best brand for this kind of smart home device. You won’t regret investing in a Ring video doorbell for your home, and you might even find yourself recommending these products to your friends. There are different models for Ring video doorbells, so there’s surely at least one that’s perfect for your house and your lifestyle.

There’s a lot of demand for Prime Day Ring doorbell sales, as more people realize the convenience of equipping smart home devices to their respective houses. Video doorbells go a long way in keeping your family safe because they’re on your home’s first line of defense — your front door. Shoppers will be looking forward to Prime Day to buy video doorbells at a discount, and Ring doorbells are the primary targets because of the brand’s popularity. This means that if you see a deal that you like for a Ring doorbell, you shouldn’t take too much time in deciding if you’re going through with the purchase. You might want to do some quick research on the kind of Ring doorbell that you want, but don’t spend hours making your choice. With the popularity of Ring doorbells, it’s unclear how long Amazon’s stocks of the smart home devices will last. Fortunately, we’ve gathered some of the best offers this Prime Day for Ring doorbells, to help you make a faster decision on which model to buy at a discount.

Should you buy a Ring doorbell on Prime Day?

Ring is an Amazon-owned company, so if there’s a good chance to buy one of the brand’s video doorbells, it’s during Prime Day. If your home isn’t already equipped with video doorbells, or if you want to upgrade the basic video doorbell that’s currently on your front door, you should take advantage of this year’s Prime Day Ring doorbell deals. With a Ring video doorbell installed in your home, you’ll be able to use the Ring app on your smartphone or other Alexa-enabled devices to check who’s outside your door, even if you’re away. The devices’ 3D Motion Detection technology not only pinpoints motion on your property but also its distance from your front door, in addition to sending you an alert through the app. Ring video doorbells are also equipped with a two-way talk feature, so you can communicate with whoever’s outside your home. All these features combine to give you peace of mind when you’re not inside the house, as you can see what’s going on outside your front door.

There may be other opportunities for you to enjoy price cuts on Ring video doorbells, such as on Black Friday. However, with Amazon owning Ring, Prime Day’s most likely the best chance to buy Ring video doorbells with a discount, and to take advantage of special bundles that include other Amazon smart home devices. It’s unknown if there will be bigger savings on future Prime Day Ring doorbell sales from other retailers, but it makes no sense to wait for unsure deals when the discounts from Amazon are right here. In addition, you wouldn’t want to experience the regret of going through an incident where owning a Ring video doorbell would have helped immensely, but you decided to hold off on making the purchase. If you’ve got the budget, and if it’s possible to install a video doorbell on your front door, you shouldn’t hesitate on buying a Ring doorbell on Prime Day, especially since you’ll be enjoying immense savings along the way anyway.

How to choose a Ring doorbell on Prime Day

There are two main types of Ring video doorbells, namely the wireless ones and the wired ones. The wireless doorbells are very easy to install, as you’ll only need to affix them on your preferred spot outside your front door. You’ll have to keep monitoring the remaining charge on their built-in batteries, as you don’t want them to suddenly shut down while you’re away. Meanwhile, wired doorbells require a bit more work to set up as they need to be hooked up to a power source, but the process is still simple if you’re familiar with it. They won’t require any batteries to be recharged though, so that’s one less thing to think about when it comes to your home’s security. If you don’t mind recharging batteries every once in a while, then go with wireless video doorbells. However, if you want to stop thinking about the smart home device after you install it, then choose wired video doorbells.

Ring devices are always part of Digital Trends’ best video doorbells because of other special features that differentiate them from the products of other manufacturers. To know more about their differences, you should check out our Ring video doorbell buying guide. For Prime Day, keep checking for discounts on the brand’s latest models, namely the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, the Ring Video Doorbell 4, and the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. However, older models of Ring’s video doorbells are still very capable smart home devices, so if these products are what fit your budget, you’re still getting video doorbells that will greatly improve your home’s security. You shouldn’t limit yourself to one purchase from Prime Day Ring video doorbell deals though. There’s nothing stopping you from installing them in every entrance to your home aside from the front door, including the back door and garage, for total surveillance on your house and complete peace of mind.

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