Best Prime Day AirPods Deals 2021: What to Expect

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Prime Day 2021 AirPods Deals

Prime Day deals are expected soon with the Prime Day 2021 date set on June 21 and 22. Past years have shown us that Amazon loves to discount Apple products, especially Apple AirPods. We’ve got plenty of insight into what to expect from the Prime Day AirPods deals going on as well as whether you should buy AirPods on Prime Day or not. Read on as we explain everything you need to know about the upcoming Prime Day AirPods sales.

What Prime Day AirPods deals to expect

Apple only offers the original AirPods and the high-end AirPods Pro, so that’s exactly what we’re expecting to see as part of the Prime Day AirPods sales. The original AirPods come available with either a wired charging case or a wireless charging case so it’s very likely that we’ll see both variants on offer here.

Elsewhere, there’s the Apple AirPods Pro. These only come with a wireless charging case and they’re the best of the bunch when it comes to Apple AirPods. It’s incredibly likely that we’ll see these discounted throughout the Prime Day AirPods deals season.

We also think this might be the time that we see the Apple AirPods Max featured in the Prime Day AirPods deals. It’s the first Prime Day for these headphones and it seems like the perfect time for them to enjoy a discount.

What Prime Day AirPods deals we saw last year

During last year’s Prime Day, we saw all variants of the Apple AirPods on sale. As part of the Prime Day AirPods deals, we saw modest price cuts on the standard Apple AirPods with a wired charging case with those discounts growing larger for the Apple AirPods with wireless charging case, and even bigger for the Apple AirPods Pro.

Astute buyers could grab the Apple AirPods Pro for not much more than the usual price for the Apple AirPods with wireless charging case so it was a great time to get more for less.

Should you buy AirPods on Prime Day?

Technology is always one of the big drivers of the Prime Day sales and when it comes to Prime Day AirPods deals, it’s is a good time to snap a pair up.

It’s worth checking out our Apple AirPods review along with our Apple AirPods Pro review to figure out what you need most from your AirPods. If you’re keen to buy the latest in AirPods technology, don’t forget our Apple AirPods Max review either.

Whatever you decide, figure out your budget and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to spend too much if you can’t afford it, and make sure you know exactly what you need from your AirPods.

The best AirPods deals happening now

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